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Aaron, Robert 65th Engineers 25th ID, 41st Engineers 10th MTN Div
Absher, Douglas 24thID (Mech), 101st Airborne, 2ID, and 25th ID(L)
Acebes, William 1/75, 75th Ranger Regiment Headquarters
Acheson, Christopher (Dean) Co C 2/75 Ranger Inf,3/5cav9th inf Div,10th SFGroup, HQ Co 66th MI, 504 Airborne BN 6th Inf div, 106 MI BN LRSD Section
Adamovich, Stephen G. 82nd ABN, 10th Mountain, 5th RTB
Adams, Charles MRC 1955-1956
Adams, Rex 1st Inf Div (FWD)
Adams, Mark Co, 1st 75th 76-79
Adams, Ron Have to research class number. Graduated before Thanksgiving 68. Served on Team C at MRC 70-72. Was at ceremony renaming camp to Camp Merrill. Retired in 1992 after 24 years.
Adkins, Ronald 1/75
Agent, Sidney Fatally injured in a motorcycle accident September 29, 2012
Ahuja, Alfonso 5th RTBn
Ake, Adam 1/11 ACR; 4-7 Cav, 2ID; 2-14 Cav, 25ID; HQ, I Corps
Akuna, Patrick 4th RTBn, 4-22 IN, 25th ID, 2-35 IN
Albin, Jorge B Co 2/75, 18th Abn Corps LRSC (F Co 51st LRSC), 5th RTB, 75th Ranger Regiment, USASOC
Albin Jr, Jorge B/2/75 25th ID/ C/1/21 H Co 122 Inf LRSU (GANG) 18th Abn Corps LRSC F/51st 5th RTB 75th Ranger Regiment WHINSEC OMS 3ID G-2 PM fixed wing Medically retired
Alderman, Joe Deceased
Alexander, Eddie A Co 75th Inf Ft Hood Tx
Alford, Thomas 1st. Bn. 75 INF. 79 to 82
Allen, Mark 25th ID, 10th Mnt, 1-501st, 5th RTBn
Allen, Andrew A. co. 2/75 Weapons Platoon 1978-1982
Allendorf, Lawrence
Alspaugh, Jon
Alston, Ivan 2nd Ranger Company
Alt, Karl Scout Plt-HHC-1/325 82nd
Amerling, Joe 5th RTBn
Anderer, Rick B.Co. 1/22 Inf 10th Mountain Division 1987-1994
Anderson, Morris 101st ABN Div, Ft. Campbell, Ky. HQ 11th Air Aslt Div, Ft. Benning, GA. 227th AVN Co.,11th Air Aslt DIv, Ft. Benning, Ga. A Co. 101st atch to 13th AVN BN RVN. 181st AVN Co, Ft. Benning GA 132nd ASHC, 14th AVN BN, RVN. Armed Forces Recruiting Command, Louisville, Ky. HQ USAEUR, Heidelberg, GA. Ass't TSM Hellfire, Army Avn. Ctr. Fort Rucker, AL
Anderson, Marc KIA in Afghanistan during Operation Anaconda
Anderson, Andy 82nd ABN, 1972-1975 MRC, 1978-1980 MRC.
Anderson, James 4-9 Inf, 1st Ranger Company, 1-14 Inf, 1-7 SFGA), 1st Bde 3AD, USAROTCIG, Syracuse University
Anderson, Andy Mountain Ranger Camp
Andrade, Joseph 4th RTB May06-Jul 08, 5th RTB Mar95-Aug 99
Anton, William
Antonia, Keith 5/508, 18th Abn Corps, 1/507, 4th RTBn, 1-75, 75th RGR, 5th RTBn
Appling, Stan C-75th Rangers RVN 1970-71
Apprich, Martin 82nd Airborne Division (1-504 PIR 1987-1990), 134th LRSD Nebraska Army national Guard (1990-1994), 1-134 Infanry (1994-5), 1-167 Cavalry (1998-2000 and 2003-2007), 67th Battelfield Surveillance Brigade (2007-2008), Joint Force HQ, Nebraska (Current)
Archambault, Matthew 2-27IN, 25th ID (L), 1-26IN, 1st ID (M)
Archer, Joshua 2BCT, 10th MTN
Archer, Carl 2-47 IN 9th (L) ID FLWA, 3-7 SFG(A) RP, USAJFKSWC FBNC, 7th RTB FBGA (and Dugway, UT), 2-121 IN 48th IBCT (L) GAARNG
Arnold, Brian A Co 1/75, A Co 2/75, A Co 5th RTB, B Co. 5th RTB
Arsement, Brent 2dBn/75th RSE '93-'95
Asbury, Samuel MAT II-88, MACV Advisor Team #37
Ashton, Gregory 3rd U.s. Inf. (TOG)
Askew, Brooks Co. H 121 IN (ABN)(LRS)GANG
Attaway, Art (Doc) 1/75 Bn, B,C, and HQ Companies
Autry, Robert Co A, 1/61st Inf, 5th Inf Div(M) Ft Polk, LA, 1st Inf Training Bde, Ft. Benning
Avellina, Salvatore Co. C 75th (ABN-RGR) 29th Inf. 1973-1974, Co. C 1/75 1974, Co. B 1/75 1978-1979
Avery, David BDQ Advisor while assigned to 1/11 ACR Vietnam '69
Avery, Craig 110th CAV, 11 EN BN CBT (Sapper), USACEPOD 1MEF, IMA
Aviles, Victor 2nd Ranger Company, Dahlonega, Ga Dec 68-May69, Co A, 1/75th Ranger Bn Mar74-July 76
Ayers, Thomas A/2/503 IN, 173rd ABN BDE, 70-71; ARVN 92nd Ranger Battalion, 1971.
Baaake, Carl C-2/75, 11th SF, 478 CA
Babcock, Daron B Co. 2/75th Ranger Regiment (Dec. 89 - Aug. 95)
Bagley, Lance Berlin Brigade: 89-92
Bailes, James 5th RTB, 82nd Abn
Bailey, Marc
Bails, Robert 82nd, 2/75, 5th RTBn, 25th ID
Bain, Garrett 3/75
Bainbridge, Larry A Co 3/75, 104 LRS Det PAANG, B Co 1-109 INF(M)
Baker, Bo Passed away on March 24, 1980
Baker, Gregory
Baker, Gregory A Co 1/325 82nd Airborne,Recon Plt.E TRP 1st Air Cav Ft Wainwright AK, LRSD 106 MI Bn.Ft Richardson AK,A Co 5th RTB Camp Merrill,C Co 1/501PIR Ft Richardson AK.,NCOIC Mountaineering 5th RTB Camp Merrill,A Co 1/501 PIR ft.Richardson AK.
Baker, Chris
Ballew, Russell 1/505 PIR, 5th RTB, 2/19th ITB
Bane, David A Co 1/75th Ranger Battalion
Banks, Bernard 82nd Airborne Division
Baraw, Dayton 1 SFG(A), USASFC, 10 SFG(A)
Barber, Jeffery C CO 1/23 IN, 2ID Korea, Scout Plt 1-22 IN 10TH Mountain, 205th IN BDE
Barden, Jeffrey 1/15 Inf, 1/18 Inf, 5th RTBn
Barefield, Bob 5th Ranger Bn, Camp Frank D. Merrill 71-72
Barley, Roy E/50th Inf (Abn)(LRP), E/75th Ranger 9th ID
Barnes, Dustin 2010-2015 2D Ranger Bn. 75TH RGR RGT 2015-PRESENT 5TH RTB
Barnes, Rocky Passed away on June 20, 2015
Barnes, Daniel F, 51st INF.(LRSC), Desert Storm, 82nd LRSD, 5th RTB
Barnes, Anthony
Barnes, John I was there in the fall of 1962, just ahead of a class which had a number of West Point grads suffer cold injuries. I was then assigned briefly to the Training Bn. then to Germany, and finally, to the 10th Special Forces Detachment in Bavaria.
Barnette, Kristopher 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry Division, 1-17In Regt. 172nd Stryker Brigade, 5th Ranger Training Battalion
Barnhart, Dean A2/75,7th RTB
Barron, Byron 5th RTB, NGCSU ROTC
Barthel, Sean 5th RTB, 82nd, E Co 51st LRS
Bartleson, Christopher 2/325th AIR, 5th RTB, 2/504th PIR
Bartran, Jim 1st Ranger Bn, Mountain Ranger Camp 2nd Ranger Company
Bass, David 2/504, 5th RTBn
Bassett, Dennis May 1962- August 1963 Moutain Ranger Camp, August 1969 - May 1970 Benning Ranger Camp, January 1978 - July 1979 2nd Ranger Battalion
Bata, David B Co. 5th RTB
Baugh, Herbert Co N Ranger 75th Inf 173rd Abn (RVN), Co C 1st Ranger Bn, 2nd Ranger Co (MRD)Camp F.D. Merrill
Bauldry, George C 1/509th Pathfinders, B 3/75th, E 51st LRSU, B 5th RTB, C 4/9th, JRTC, A and HHC 1-327th, D 4th RTB, 3-187th, 1-33 RSTA
Baumann, Terry E-51ST LRSU, B 2/504, JRTC TF 02, A 1/505, MICO 1SFGA, SOCEUR, C,B,HHC 5TH RTB
Baxter, William
Baylis, Mark 2/75, 5th SFGA, 7th SFGA, 1st SFGA,
Beard, Ralph 5th RTB, IMA III Corps, 164th ATS Group, 4-58th AOB
Beasley, Kristopher 3/504-5th RTB-6th RTB
Beasley, John
Beauchamp, Larry
Beck, Roger C 1/75 78-82; Florida Ranger Camp 82-85
Becker, Daniel C-3/75
Becker, Scott 1/75 RGR Bn
Bedoka, Christopher A Co. 2/75 97-00
Beecher-Ledbetter , Stephan 1BN (ABN) 509IN Ft Polk LA, 1BN (ABN) 503IN 173 ABCT, 5 Ranger Training Battalion, 3BN (ABN) 509IN 4/25 IBCT. Deployed to OEF X with 173rd
Begaye, Conrad 2/75 A co Badmuthas, 2/503 Chosen Co. 173rd Airborne
Bell, Harry B-2/75
Bell, Ron C Co 1/75th
Bell, Andy A 1/75th, C 2/34, 11th SFG, 3-156th Inf
Bellwood, Richard KIA in Vietnam January 25, 1969
Beltran, Steven L co H co 75TH VietNam 2nd Rgr co
Bennett, Max Died 1993, in Gainseville, GA
Bennett, Robert 4-31 INF, 10th MTN DIV(LI) - '97-'00
Benson, James Aco 2bn 20th SFG
Bentley, Steven 1/75, E/51, 5th RTBn, 6th ID, 25th ID
Benyo, Andrew 5th RTBn, 3/15-3RD ID (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
Berg, John E CO. 75th Rangers 9th Division LRRP, 5th Special Forces Recondo School #275 Nha Trang, Vietnam
Bergin, Mike MRC Dec 70-Apr 72; 199th Inf Bde (RVN), 2nd Inf Div
Bernas, James 5th RTB
Bernheim, David 3/10 Infantry, 5th ID. 4/6 Infantry, 5th ID. Reserves - 108th Tactics Basic & 108th Div Delta Co Commander. LA National Guard - C Co Commander, 3/156th Mech Infantry
Berry, Lee HHC 3/32, HHC 4/21, HHC 3/17 all at 7th ID(L). 1983-1987
Bertacini, Scott C2/75 HHC 2/75, Charlie ABN 5/327 Alaska 3rd Ranger Co Ft Benning,RTB 4th Bn/RTB HHD, 25th ID
Bertils, Bert 2 ACT, Mountain Ranger Camp Cadre (Instructor), MACV, Adv Tm 95
Besser, Thomas Co F, 50th Inf (LRP), Co F, 75th Inf (Ranger), Para 10, SO 197, Hq The School Bde, 28 Sept 72. Tab Awarded 7 Nov 72, SO 226.
Best, Michael 1st Bn. 75th.Inf. (3 years reg), 402nd Military Police (3years Army Reserve), 109 Mech Inf 28 Div. (Pa.Nat. Guard 14years )
Bevers, David D Co(Ranger)151st INF, D Co(Ranger)75th INF II Field Force
Bielich, Nick 1/75
Bigart, Robert Original MRD cadre member
Bigbey, Michael
Biglen, Owen 101st Airborne F/58th Inf LRP {RVN}, Cadre mountain ranger, cadre recondo school Ft Campell KY
Billings, John 101st Abn Div (AASLT), 25 ID (Light), 5th RTB
Billingsley, Michael USMA 68, B/1/29 FA 69-70, Dental Corps 73-88, Ret 88
Birchard, Christopher 5th RTBn, 3/15th Inf, 2-1 Inf
Bird, Sam Died on 18 October 1984
Bireley, Judson
Bischoff, Robert Benning Ranger Committee 9/56 thru 11/59 and 11/60 thru 2/62. Mountain Ranger Camp 9/63 thru 12/65. Advisor Vietnamese Ranger Command 1/70 thru 7/70.
Biser, William
Bishop, Steve 2nd Rgr Co
Blackburn, Bryan 2-28 Infantry Bn., 62D Signal Bn.
Blackmon, Barry 5th RTBn
Blalock, Chaz
Blashford, William Bco 3/75, Fco 51rst Inf, B squadron
Blaylock, Chuck 4/23, 1/509, 4/22(25th ID), 5th RTB
Blevins, Ron D Co(Ranger)151st INF, D Co(Ranger)75th INF II Field Force
Blomquist, Stewart Charlie Ranger 75th Inf
Bloodworth, Charles 101st Airborne Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 7th and 11th Special Forces Groups
Blount, James 173 Abn
Blow, Darcy Bco 2st PLT 3/75th Oct84-Apr87: Hco 1/121(LRSU)Ga.NG Mar96-Apr02: 20thSFG ALA.NG Apr02-Dec03 Afgan., 48thBCT Ga.NG Iraq Jan04-present
Blum, David L co. 101st, 7th RTB, 5th RTB, 18th Abn Corps LRSC.
Boczkaj, Milosz 503rd ID- Korea, 5th RTB
Bohanan, James Co. D (Ranger) 151st Inf. 1967-1969, Vietnam 68-69
Bolin, Dennis Charlie Company Rangers 1/29
Bonnell, Kenneth Senior Advisor, 34th Vietnamese Ranger Bn (1969), CDR, E Co, 2/506th, 101st ABN Div (1971) RVN
Borja, Martin 5/14 Schofield Barracks, 3/75, 1/75, 3/187(Rakassan) Ft Campbell
Borowski, Paul 1/325,3/505,3/503,Ranger Dept. Mountain Ranger Camp, Camp Darby, Ft Benning
Borsodi, Michael 101st Abn, 3/187, 3/502, 318th Trans 1st Gulf War
Bosten, Ronald 2/32INF, 1/505TH PIR, 5TH RTB, 1-509TH
Bostwick, Michael (Buck) CO.B 2Bn 29th Ranger Company, 3RD Ranger Company & 2nd Ranger Company U.S. Army Ranger Department
Boyanowski, Brian 2/37 AR BN
Boyd, Hal A 75th 1973
Boyer, Gary 3/75, 5th RTBn, 25th ID
Boyer, Gary 3/75,25th ID,5th RTB,25th ID, 4th RTB, 101st ABN DIV, UTK ROTC
Boyte, Gerald 3/75, 5th RTB
Bozeman, Michael 3/12th Inf, 2/35 Inf, E/58th(LRRP)(1968), Mountain Ranger Camp, 80th Div(TNG), 97th Arcom
Brachear, Robin 1/75, HHC 75th RGR RGT
Brackett, Roger Company C. Airborne / Ranger 75th Inf 1/29 TSB (Charlie Ranger)
Bradford, Tracy MRD 77-79 AND 82-87
Bradigan, William B/75, 1/75, 2/75, 3/75
Bradley, David D Co(Ranger)151st INF, D Co(Ranger)75th INF II Field Force
Bragg, Laurence M. Passed away in Dahlonega, GA on March 22, 2016
Brandstetter, David 5th RTBn
Brashier, Al 1/504, 7th SFGA, 3/75, 5th RTBn, 1/75, ASOFE, Adv Grp Alaska
Bratton, Bill One of the original instructors at the Mountain Camp.
Breedlove, Ron 4/187 Inf, 2/187 Inf, 5/8 Inf, 3/187 Inf, JRTC Ops Grp, 1/87 Inf, 5th RTB, 2 ID LRSD (ABN), JRTC Ops Grp
Breen, Bill B-1/75
Brennan, John 3/506 LRRP, Mountain Ranger Camp, JOTC, 1/9 IN, 3/7 SFGA, 2/12 CAV, 3/10 CAV, School of Americas, SOCSOUTH
Brewer, Chris B Co 1/75th Ranger Dec 74 - May 77
Brewer, Eddie 10th MTN, 2/1 SWTG(A), 5th RTBn
Brigham, David 82nd, 2/75, I Corp LRSU, 4th RTB, 173rd, Dco 4th RTB, III Corp LRSU, 6th RTB
Brinker, Ronald Benning Ranger Comm., 1st Ranger Bn.
Brinkley, Gary Currently Deputy Director Midwest Region U S Army Ranger Association. During active RA years was Attached to 7th Inf Div Ranger-ERG program DMZ Korea, Ath memo dtd 20 Dec 61 HQ 7th Inf Div APO 7 as Med Spec.
Bristow, John 1/75, 75th RHQ, 1/10 SFG, 1/3 SFG, US Embassy Liberia
Brizendine, Thomas Co. A, 75th Rangers, Fort Hood Texas
Brock, Thomas Benning City Team & Mountain Ranger Camp NCOIC of Patrol Division & 1st Sergeant
Brooks, William Jake HHC 1/75 RGR RGT
Brooks, Samuel
Brooks, Raymond A 2/75 1980-1983, 5th RTB 1984-1986
Brooks, Anthony 2/75 Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Anaconda, 3/75 Operation Iraqi Freedom
Brookshire, Sid KIA June 20, 2007, while on patrol in Baghdad, Iraq
Brown, Marcus A.Co 1/75 Rgr, PathFinder Plt 82nd Avn Bn, 5th Mtn Tng Bn
Brown, Steven B Co. 1/75 (76-78), 3ID, 2/505 82 Abn Div. C Co & HHC 2/75 (83-85), D Co & HHC 4/30, CATD Infantry School, Ga State Univ ROTC
Brown, Chris Fort Bragg, Schofield Barracks, 5th RTB, Fort Benning
Brown, Alan D Co(Ranger)151st INF, D Co(Ranger)75th INF II Field Force
Brown, Milt 2/9 Inf, 2nd ID 1964-65,3rd Bde (TF), 25th ID 1966-67, 16th CAG, 14th CAB 1969-70
Brown, Roger 1/75
Brown, Charlie A/1/75 INF (RGR); A & C/1/509 INF (ABCT); C/509 INF(PFDR); A & HHC 1-18 INF
Brown, Jason Bravo and Headquarter Company 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
Brown, David R. 1/20IN, 1/27IN, 1/501IN, 1/31IN, Sr.ADV, 39th VN RGR BN
Brown, Michael B Co 2/75 77-80, 2nd Ranger Company 82-86, 6th Ranger Training Battalion 89-93
Brownfield III, Albert Passed away February 18, 2014, after an almost three year battle with pancreatic cancer
Broyles, Jimmy Lco 75th 101st Viet Nam, Hco 75th 1st Cav Viet Nam, B co 75th Ft Carson,Cco.1/75th Ft,Stewart c
Bruce, Ronald 82d Abn Div, Ft Bragg (66), 101st Abn Div, Ft Campbell & RVN (67-68), 7th SFG, Ft Bragg (71-72), Det "A" Berlin Brigade (72-75) 3d Bn 10th SFG, Ft Devens(76-78), 1st Bn 10th SFG, Bad Toelz, Ger(78), Detachment "A" Berlin Brigade (78-81), SF UW Opns, Key West, FL (81-84), Mil Sci Dept. Univ. of Tennessee(85-88), HHC, 10th SFG, Ft Devens (89-91)
Brumfield, Donald 1st Battalion 75th Infantry 74-76,, 24th Infantry 76-77, 1st Ranger battalion 78-79, Drill Sgt Ft Jackson, 1st Infantry Germany, 10th Mountain Division85-94, 174th Infantry Regiment 94-99
Bruns, Kenneth HQ 82d Abn Div, 3/187 3d Brigade 101st Abn (Airmobile), HQ 101st Abn G3
Bryan, Robert KIA Republic of Vietnam
Bryant, Philip 2Plt B Co, 3/22Inf, 25th ID, RVN 1-68 to 4-68; 75th OCS Company, Ft Benning. 8-66 to 12-67
Bryant, Ben 1st Battalion 86-90
Bryers, Michael A Co 2/75, LRSD 125th MI, 5th RTB, C Co 1/501 PIR
Bryson, Jeff 2-75, 101st LRSD, 101st Pathfinder, UNCSB-JSA, 2-3 IN 3/2 SBCT, A co 5th RTB, 2-23 IN 4/2 SBCT
Bual, Ramon 1/75, 7th ID, 2nd ID, 82nd ABN DIV, 5th RTB, 25th IN Div.
Bucher, Paul 1/502 Inf, C TRP 1-14 Cavalry, 1st SF GRP
Buckelew, Alvin 1st Rgr Inf Co (Abn) '50-'51 7th SFGA (White Star MTT) '61-'62 8th SFGA '62-'65 5th SFGA (Project Oak) '66-'67 Passed away 25 May 2018
Budinger, David 814th MP Co.; SVC Co., 12th SF Group (ABN); 10th MED BN, 10th MTN DIV(LI); 1-87 IN, 10th MTN DIV(LI); HHB, 56th ARTY; 34th GEN HOSP; 10th CBT SPT HOSP, FT Carson/Bosnia; TF 62 MED BDE, Iraq; Medical units at FT Sam Houston; FT Benning, FT Carson, FT Monmouth, FT Hood, FT Gordon
Buffaloe, David 82nd Abn Div-Nov '02-May '05, 5th RTBn Oct '00-Oct '02
Bump, Steve B/75th Ranger (LRRP), C/1/75, FRD, A/2/75
Bunch, Steven 3/325th ABCT, 530th S&S Bn (ABN), G3 1COSCOM (ABN), US Army Central ID Lab (POW/MIA), 10th MTN DIV, 710th MSB, 10th DISCOM, 2d Bde 78th INF DIV, Eighth US Army (Korea), 10th Logistic Support Element 10th MTN Division
Bundy, Michael 3/325, 4/325, JSA, 5th RTBn
Burbank, Richard A Co 75th Rgr, 3rd Ranger Co, 2nd Rgr Co, B Co 1st Rgr Bn.
Burgos, Benjamin 82nd & 5th RTB
Burgoyne, Arthur F/51st Inf LRS, B/5th RTBn
Burke, Michael 55th SFS, 10th SFS, 786th SFS, 18th SFS
Burris, James 2/75, E Co 51 LRSD, 1 USAJFKSWC, 7th RTB, HHD RTB, JSOC LNO
Burrow, Chad 25th ID, 2/325, 3/325, 4/325, JSA, Korea, 5th RTBn
Burson, Melvin MRC, 1st Cav VN
Burt, Alphis Charlie Ranger Nam, 1/29 Inf, 1st ID, 3/6 Inf, E Troop Recon, MRD, 1&2/22 10th Mtn Div
Butler, Tom 101st Abn, 5th RTB, 25th ID, 7th ID
Cain, Bill 82nd Abn Div 1/6 198th Inf Bde Americal Div MRC 1972-73
Caldwell, Stephen 1/75
Callahan, Jacey B Co 5th RTB
Callender, Sr., William 2nd LRRP.S 2bde, 1st Cav,' 66, DEP CMDR MRC, 9/69-7/70
Campbell, David A/2/506 B/2/502(VN) Recondo 2/502(VN)193 Inf Bde (Panama)
Campbell, Dave A/2-506/10lst Abn Div, B and Recondo Force, 2-502/lOlst Abn Div (Vietnam), MACV, ROTC-Appalachian State, lst Army, Senior Advisor (NG), US Army School of the Americas, 193d Cbt Spt Bn, Panama, 2d Signal School Bn, Fort Gordon
Cantrell, Mike A CO 75TH INF FT HOOD TX 72-74, A CO 1ST BN RANGER 75TH INF ABN 74-79
Cantrelle, Stan Charlie Co., 4/31th BN, 196 LIB, RVN 68'69
Capach, Charles 5th SFOD-D Bluelight, 5th SFGA SOG, 173 N Co 21st & 3rd ARVN Rangers
Capito, Todd 2-505th PIR 82nd Airborne Div.
Carbone, Christopher
Carey, Phil 1/75, 2ND Ranger Co., 3/75, 1ST ID, 25TH ID, 6TH RTBn, Army Forces Central Command-Saudi Arabia, 5TH Bde 78TH DIV
Carista, Louis 17th Calvary, 82nd Airborne Division 1968-1969 Vietnam, Company H, 75th Rangers Vietnam. Passed away January 20, 2016.
Carland, Richard
Carlson, Matthew 3/75, 5th RTB
Carrier, Jeff 101st, 501st PIR, 310th MI (LRS), 5th RTBn
Carroll, Thomas 5th Ranger Training Battalion, 1-87 Infantry Battalion, 10th Mountain Division
Carter, Scott 2-504 82d, 82d LRSD, XVIIIth ABC LRS, 5th RTB, 2-35 25th ID, 1-504 82d
Carter, Dean C-Co. 3/75
Carter, Tom KIA in Iraq
Cartledge, David
Casey, Franklin Sr Advisor, 11th BDQ, Vietnam 1965-66
Castagna, Joseph KIA on 21 December 1968 while on a reconnaissance operation in Dinh Tuong Province, Republic of Vietnam
Castellanos, Vincent Passed away Monday, December 25, 2018
Cato, Christopher 3/75, 1/506, 2/504, 1/507, 1/508, 2-503
Caulfield, Matthew Aco. 2-3 IN BN, 3rd BDE 2nd ID, HHC 2-3 IN BN, 3rd BDE 2nd ID, Aco. 2-3 IN BN, 3rd BDE 2nd ID.
Cavender, John MAAG Vietnam (62-63), 101st, 25th ID Vietnam (66-67), MRD, Passed away June 4, 2017
Chamberlain, Ed C/ 1-75 '78-80, 75th Ranger Regiment HQ '88-'89
Chambers, Arthur 5th RTBn
Champaco, Max A CO. 1st/75th Ranger Regt 1979-84, B CO. 2nd/75th Ranger Regt 1986-1991
Champagne, Jim 82nd, 101st, 5th RTBn, 3/325
Champion, Jerry Cadre 1-75th, Ranger Instructor MRD '79-'82
Chancey, Matt C CO 1-12IN 4ID, 5th RTB
Chapa, Daniel 82nd ABN, CJTF-180
Chapman, Kim 5th RTBn, 1/501
Chapman, Martin Dean 326th Engr Bn, 101st Airborne Division, Co A, 19th SFGA, RIARNG
Chappee, Paul 28th Ord Co., 619th Ord Co., 144th Ord. Co, HQ, V Corps, HQ VII Corps, 2nd COSCOM, 3rd COSCOM, 15th Ord BN, USMMCS,USAREUR
Charles, Craig 1/504 P.I.R., 82nd Airborne Division
Charles, James 2/75 Nov-77 to Aug-79, Camp FDM 1983-1986
Chatham, James J. One of Merrill's Marauders. Passed away on May 5, 2006
Cheek, Bill E/75th Ranger
Chenault, Thomas KIA in Vietnam 24 April 1971
Cheshire, Robert Ranger instructor at Camp Frank Merrill from 1976-1983
Chipman, Nathan Army Mountain Warfare School, Camp Ethan Allen, Jericho Vermont, 05465
Chitiester, Gary
Chitty, Charles Mtn Ranger Camp, Ranger Dept Sr. TAC, 1st Cav Div RVN
Christenson, Rolf Died February 1997, in Dahlonega, GA
Ciarlo, Felix C Team, MRC, 1970-1972
Cipriani, Dominic Aide-de-Camp, Cdr, Troop Support Agency, Ft.Lee,VA; Cdr, HHC, 530Th S&S Bn, 46th Spt Gr, 1st COSCOM, XVIII ABC, Ft. Bragg, NC; Cdr, 249th Repair Parts Co(CORPS), 1st COSCOM,XVIII ABC,Ft. Bragg, NC; Cdr, 612th QM(Parachute Rigger Aerial Delivery) Company(CORPS(, XVIII ABC,Ft. Bragg, NC; S-3, 46th Spt Gp, 1st COSCOM,XVIII ABC, Ft Bragg, NC; XO, 118th Fwd Spt Bn,DISCOM,8th Inf Div(MECH),Mainz, West Germany; Branch Chief, ACS-G4, 3rd Army, Ft. McPherson, GA; Military Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Logistics and the Environment), Pentagon, Wash DC
Ciraulo, Steve 1st SFGA, 12th SFGA, 5th RTBn
Claybrook, John MRD, BRD
Cleary, Kevin 25th ID, A Company, 2/75th Ranger Battalion
Cleary, Joel 2-505, Blues Plt/Bde Recon, AK, 2nd RGR Co., 1st RGR Co. (MRD, DRD, FRD) 1-504, JOTB, 3-504, ROTC
Clegg, Frank 2I D, 25 ID, 10 Mtn Div, 197th Inf Bde
Cliche, Rocky HHC 75th Reg, 3rd Ranger Co, LRSD 10th Mtn, 25th ID, 5th RTB
Cline, Randy KIA October 25, 1983, Operation Urgent Fury
Close, Roy 101st, 172nd LIB, 82nd, 5th RTBn
Clough, Bronston 101st Abn Div
Coats, James A and HHC 1/75
Cochran, Gary KIA May 8, 1917 in Vietnam while serving with Lima Company Rangers 75th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division
Colegrove, Les Recon, 1/503 - 173rd RVN, A-2/327 - 101st RVN, HQ (S3) - 1/35 Infantry, 25th ID
Collier, James Ranger Dept 74-77, 81st Abn Ranger Bn (VN)
Conatser, Mark
Conley, Michael
Connell, Kevin C-1/75, 2nd Ranger Co, B-1/75, 5th RTBn, 75th Rgr Reg, 3/75
Conner, Michael 3rd plt(earthpigs)Aco 2/75 (95-00), Cco 5th RTB (00-02), 3rd plt(earthpigs)Aco 2/75 (02-03), RTD 75th Ranger Regiment (03-05), USASOC (05-08), C/38 LRS (08 to present)
Conners, Jerry 502d ABN BattleGroup, 1st Bn (ABN) 502d Inf, 101st Recondo School, SFTG and 3d SFG, 1st Bn (ABN) 501st, Chinese Bandit Recon 1st Bn (ABN) 8th Cav, Recon 1st Bn (ABN) 503d Inf
Connolly, Philip MRD 1984-1987
Conrad, Patrick 1/325
Cook, Patrick E/51 LRSC, 101st ABN, 5th RTB
Cook, Troy C Co 3/75 Ranger Regiment, Pathfinder Compamy 6/101, Bco 5th RTB, A Co 1st Bn 3d US INF The Old Guard
Cook, Stephen 1/75th Ranger Battalion B co, 101st 1/87 Inf, 10th Mountain LRSD (Airborne)
Cook, Asa L Co Rangers 75th Inf 101st Abn Div (Vietnam)
Cooler, Ernest (Wes) 3AD, 2ID, 197th SIB, Ranger Department (79-80)
Coomer, John 5th RTBn, 82nd
Copeland, Robert E/75th Inf, 3/9 Div, Tan An RVN,
Corcoran, Patrick 10th Mtn, OPS GRP JRTC, 172nd SIB, 5th RTBn
Cormier, Jeffrey 7th SFG(A), 1/30 Infantry, 3rd ID
Cornelison, Joseph "Curt" C/3-75, 4th RTBN, E/51st LRS, 5th RTBN
Cornelius, Aaron 1-17th INF 6th ID, LRSD 6th ID, PFDR Co 101st, Drill SGT Ft. Sill, A Co 3rd BN 3rd SFG (Airborne), JTF-North
Cornelson, John 8th ID (62-65), MACV(66-67), HQ 101st (70-71), 1/327 (71),24th ID (78-82), 1/31 2d ID (82-83)
Costello, Stephen A Co, 2/75, B Co, 3/75, 5th RTB
Costen, Samuel CSM 5TH RTB, 1/75
Cox, Rusty 1/75 Rgr Bn
Cox, Richard 2nd Rgr Co
Craft, Derrick 2/75 Ranger Battalion, 5th RTB, 7th RTB
Craig, Blair 1/6th Cav, 2/17th Cav 101st Airborne/Airmobile, 3/4 Cav 25th Infantry Div (Light)
Crain, Wally 37th Vietnamese Ranger Bn
Cress, David
Cross, HC D Co(Ranger)151st INF, D Co(Ranger)75th INF II Field Force
Cross, James 2/28Inf, 5SFGA, HQ/2ID, 1/38Inf, Philadelphia District COE, 5th TRN Bde
Crossfield, Barry 1st RECON BN (USMC) 82-83, 3rd RECON BN. (USMC) 84, 1st RECON BN. (USMC) 85. 4th FORCE RECON (USMC)87. 19th SFG(A) SFODA-931, CJSOTF-A (OEF)
Crowell, Frank 2nd Ranger Company
Culp, Darrin B Co 3/75
Cunningham, Daniel 1998-1991 C Co. 4/17 Inf Fort Ord
Cunningham, John D Co LRS, 103 MI BN, 3rd ID, LRSD 107 MI BN, 7th ID
Cunningham, Brian 2nd Rgr Co 1/508 2/327
Curran, Tom Mountain Ranger Camp 1967-1969
Curtis, Garry Combat with 82nd Abn, DOMREP 5th SFGA Vietnam, 1st SFOD-Delta Grenada
Curtis, Paul 3rd Infantry Division, Wurzburg, Germany
Cwilichoski, Michael Co C 2/75
Czarnecki, John B 2/75 Ranger, Class 9-80, 4/4 FA (8" SP), 11th USAFAD Italy (8" Nuke), D 96th CA (ABN), JIATF East, 478th CA (FID/UW), 5th SFG (OIF 1), USSOCOM
Dacres, Leonardo A Co 1Cav Div, 5th RTB, A Co 1-502 101 ABN DIV, 5th RTB
Daghita, Dean 5th RTBn, Senior Ranger PDNCO Perscom
Danforth, Robert USAMRC '69-'72, 46th Co Special Forces Thailand
Daniel, John FRD, 1/26 Inf, 1/8 Inf Div, 1st VNGRP, 2nd VN RGRGRP
Daniel, Clint XVIII ABN LRSC, F/51 Inf LRSC, 1/20th SFG
Daniels, Darrell 1-504 PIR, 3-325 ABCT, 1-22IN, 1-509PIR, 1-501 ABN
Dartez, Thomas A-3/502 101s, 5th RTBn, D-312th 1st Cav, D-102 2nd ID, C-2/75
Daub, Bob 1ST 502nd Recon 101st Abn
Davenport, Kenneth MRD, 81st Vietnamese Airborne Rangers (advisor)
David, Larry HHC Scout 5/9 Inf Batallion, A Co. 3/75
Davidson, Michael 10th SFGA, 2/69 Armor-197th Inf Bde, 5th SFGA, 3rd SFGA, US Army Parachute Team, Walter Reed AMC, HQ USSOCOM
Davis, Philip
Davis, Hank One of Merrill's Marauders. Died June 16, 1999
Davis, Jesse P. Died in an automobile accident on 12 July 1952
Davis, Anthony KIA in Iraq on January 6, 2009
Davis, Edwin MRD '76-79, Rgr Regt HQ, 3/75 '86-'90, USAIS DAC
Davis, Mike 1/75, 5th RTBn, Passed away 2007 in Dahlonega, GA
Davis, Chad 1/75 1998-2001, 1/8 inf 4th ID, 1/503rd 173rd ABCT, 5th RTB
Dawes, Robert 3rd Ranger Co. Benning Ranger Committee
Day, Jeremiah
Dayton, Frank
De Graw, Allen 1st Inf Div, 3rd Inf Div, 101st Abn Div, MACV, ROTC, USAIS
De Orio Jr., Carl Co. C (Airborne-Ranger)75th Infantry; Co. A,1st Bn, 11th SFG(A);18C Committee, Co. B,4th Bn, 1st SWTG(A)
Deal, Clifford Active Army from 1Mar66 to 30Jun93. Armor Officer, COL, Retired.
Deale, Bob 101St Abn (RVN) 7th SFGA 11th SFGA
DeAtley, Matt 82nd LRSD, 82nd Pathfinders
DeBey, Timothy Co L, 75th Inf(Rangers) 1970-1971 Republic of Vietnam
Deering, Mark C 1/75, 172nd Lt Inf Bde(AK), A 1/75,USARC,10th Mtn 1/22, 10th Mtn LRS, 3/9 7th ID
DeJarnett, Charles 2nd Ranger Company
Del Rio, George Company D, 151st Infantry, Vietnam
Delamater, Edward R 82nd Airborne Division
Delaney, Michael 1/73 FA, 1/6 FA, MACV Adv Team #88, USAFAS
Delp, Tony 2ND Ranger Co, 3RD Ranger Co, 7TH SFG(ABN)
Dempsey, Terry (Frederick G.) 3AD, 72-74; USAG, Ft McPherson, GA, 75-77
Denham, Bradford 82d Abn Div (2-504 PIR, 1st Bde) '83-'86, 3rd Ranger Co TSB, USAIS (S-1), '86-'87, MALO, USMA (Admissions Office) '91-'93, '02-'03
Denton, Howard 2/508, 82nd, 7th SFGA
Deogracias, Alan 5th RTBn, 25th ID
DePaulo, Gary M, CO A 1st Bn Ranger 75th Inf, HHC 1ST Bn Ranger 75th Inf
Deraps, Kevin 7th ID, 5th RTB, 25th ID, 10th Mtn
Dexter, Doug 1/506, 5th RTBn, 1/508, 5th Army
Dietsch, Peter
Dingle, John 2/75
DiSciascio, Sal Co. E-50th Infantry 9th Infantry Division, Co. E-75th Infantry Regiment 9th Infantry Division
Dixon, William 101st PF, E/51st LRRS, 5th RTB
Dixon, Samuel Company H (Ranger) 75th Infantry 1st Cavalry Division
Dobesh, James 1/75th Ranger Battalion, Ft, Stewart 74-77
Dochnal, Alfred 2/75, 75th RGRg, 3/75, 5th RTBn
Dodson, Jerry 3/75 Ranger Regiment: (PVT-SFC) 97-05, 5th RTBn: 15-17: (BN CSM) 15-17
Doerr, Perry 2nd Rgr Co, F/51st Inf, 7th RTBn
Dolan, Gary Company C (Ranger), 75th Infantry (Airborne)
Donovan, Jack RTB S-3 ('84-'85); Cdr, 5th RTBn ('90-'92)
Dougherty, Lee 87-89 HHC 3/75 RGR Bn., 2004 5th SFG(A) Iraq, Currently USASOC
Douglass, David Mtn Rgr Camp from Sep 1965-1966 as an instructor and supply officer.
Downing, Wayne Passed away on July 18, 2007
Downs, John 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Doyle, John A-1/75
Dozier, Jeremy Shane Charlie Co. 2nd Plt. 3rd Ranger Bat. 88-92
Dragnett, Keith 1/75, 5thRTB, 82nd, 25th
Drapp, Stephen Co A 1/75 (75-78),3rd Ranger Co. (78-79)
Drenning, Donald 1/75, 5th RTB, F/51 Inf(LRSU), Berlin Bde
Dreyer, Daniel 1-4 IN, JMRC, Germany, 1st BDE, 82nd ABN DIV
Drinkwater, William 1-325 AIR, 82nd ABN DIV
Driver, William
Drypolcher, Bill 2nd Ranger Company
Dubbeld, Orie John KIA in Vietnam 1971
Duesbery, Matthew 5th RTB, 20th SFG, 82nd
Dulmage, Robert 82nd ARBN, A Co 1/75, C Co 3/325 ABCT, C Co 2/87 10th MTN, A Co 2/22 10th MTN Div.
Dundzila, Tomas A Co, D Co 1/502 INF (First Strike!), 2d BDE, 101st ABN (AASLT) DIV 1987-1991 Desert Shield/Storm
Dung, Nguyen Tan Biet Dong Quan (BDQ)
Dunham, Kevin 5th RTBn
Dunlop, Johnston KIA Vietnam
Dupuis, Christopher C Co 3rd Battalion 75th Regiment 1991-1994
Durand, Bob C Co 2/75, CLC 7th ID, 82nd LRSD, 18th Abn Corps
Durkan, Brendan HHC 5th RTB, B CO 2/75, RRD 75th RGR RGT, C Co 1/75, HHC 75th RGR RGT, HHC 1/75, C Co 1/75, B Co 1/75
DuShane, C J "Duke" Papa Company Rangers 69-70, 1st ABN. Brig.1st Cav.Div. 65-66, 118th Avn. Con. 63 (VN.) Past President 75th Ranger Regiment Association 92-94
Dyda, Kevin 1st Bn. 10th SFG(A), USAJFKSWC(COMMEL), 3rd Bn 10TH SFG(A) 39th Inf.
Dyer, Scott KIA October 11, 2006 in southern Afghanistan
Eacker, Greg C Co (LRP) 58th Inf, D/75th, 5th and 10th SF
Ecker, Gerald 3/505 PIR 82nd, 5th RTB, Combat Maneuver TRN Center, Amry Medical Dept Center & School
Eder, John E-LRP-C/75th Inf Rgr, MRD
Edgar, David RI at Florida Phase 1954-1955 and Benning Phase 1955-1956
Edging, Boyd Winter Ranger. Served with 2/505 82nd ABN Div.
Edmonds, Mark 5th RTBn, 75th RTBr
Edmunds, John 1/75, 3/75, 4th RTBn, 5th RTBn
Edwards, Oscar 1/75th - Sept 78 thru Jun 81, BRD - May 82 thru Oct 86' MRD - Jan 91 thru Mar 95
Edwards, Stephen C Co. 1/75th Rangers, Ft. Benning Ga.1975-1977, Airborne Department, Ground Branch, Airborne Department 5000 MFF Demonstration team, 1977-1979, 20th Special Forces Group, Detachment ODA 2021 1983- 2004 with combat service in Afghanistan, 2002-2003.
ef, tet
Elder, Lawrence 2-4 Infantry, 82nd, 5th RTB, 101st, 1st CAV, 1AD, 6th RTB
Elder, Kevin 1/75 , 5th RTBn, 4th RTBn
Elliott, Bill Co.E 52ndInf (LRRP)(LRP), Co.H 75th Inf (RANGER) 1st Cav Div Vietnam '68-'69
Elliott, Justin 5th RTBn
Ellis, Kenneth I. SFDAE-PCT, Aco 3/75, 75th Regt Pre-Ranger, Cco 5th RTB, 17th Avn Pfdr, 2d Bde 10th Mtn, 2ID, ROTC
Ellis, Jeff A-75th Rgr LRRP Ft Hood TX, B/1-75 Rgr Bn Ft Stewart Ga, HQ 2nd Ranger Bn Ft Lewis WA
Ellis, Kenneth 82nd Abn Div, 2d Inf Div, UNCMAC-SEC, ROTC The Citadel, 18th ABC LRSC/F-51st LRSC, 25th Inf Div
Ellis, Donald Aco 3/75
Elmore, Brian B co 5th RTB 2010-2012
Ely, Anthony 1/75, 5th RTBn, 1/60th SOAR
Emerson, Roy C 1/75, XVIII ABC LRSC, 1/27th INF Scouts, 5th RTB
England, Stephen G. KIA on February 15, 1971 in a helicopter crash near Camp Eagle, Northern I Corps, Republic of Vietnam
Engram, W. Erick 101st Airborne Division, B CO 3-502nd IN
Erb, Edward 1/508 82 Abn, 25th In Div, 3D Ranger Co Ranger Dept, SWC, 25th ID LRSU/ 6th RTB
Erickson, Joseph C/1/28(1st Inf Div), 2/505 (82nd Abn Div) 3rd SFGA, 5th SFGA, 7th SFGA, Special Forces School Det (Staff & Cadre). Combat Tours: Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Cambodia.
erte, tee
Erwin, William Bravo Company, 1st Ranger Bn
Escobedo III, Peter B. A CO 2/325th, 82nd Airborne, Fort Bragg,NC 12TH SF GRP, Fort Bliss,TX
Espinoza, Marcos 82nd ABN, 173rd ABN, 5th RTB
eue, estt
Evans, Tom Vietnam 3/60th-Recon Platoon Leader, 222nd Aviation Battalion, Pathfinder Detachment Commander
Evans, Tom Vietnam-3/60th Recon Platoon Leader 222nd Aviation Battalion-Pathfinder Detachment Commander.
Everett, Jeff Volunteer for 1/75 November 1974, Served with 1/75 from 1975-1979
Everett, Joshua C Co (LRS) 3/124 CAV 36th ID TXARNG
Eversole, Jeff
Eyer, Michael HHC 75th Ranger Regt, E Co 51st Inf (LRSU) FRG, ILRRPS FRG, A Co 3-75, 25th Inf HI, 82nd HHC, 2-325 82nd, 4th RTB, 3/504th 82nd
Fackrell, Shane 2/1 IN,172nd SBCT- 2006-07, 1/24 IN, 1/25 ID- 2007-2012, 5th RTB- 2012-2016, 1/12 IN, 2/4 ID- 2016-2018
Faid, Robert A CO, Ranger Trng Cmd 1951 until disbanded in Oct 51, Member of RICA
Faircloth, Johnnie W. KIA, September 18, 1965, Vietnam
Farmer, Mike 2/75, 5th RTBn, 101st
Farmiga, Evhen B/1-325AIR/82nd Abn Div, B/327th Sig Bn (Abn), HHD, RTB
Farquhar, Mike 101AB, 82AB, 101Pfdrs ,1CavPfdrs, 11SFGA, 421QM(AD), 102Inf, 94ARCOM, 98Div(IT) Ret'98
Fayssoux, Jim 2/21 Inf Bn 24th Inf Div, MACV-Advisory Tm 70- SA 3/7 5th ARVN Div, Instructor-Florida Ranger Camp
Feng, Jesse A Co 3/75 (Sept 2010 - Present)
Fenner, James FCo 51st Inf(LRP)(Abn) RVN '68-'69, O Co 75th Ranger Reg (Abn) 3/82d Abn RVN '69, B Co 75th Ranger Reg (Abn) 5th Mech Inf - Ft. Carson, Co '70-'71
Fenty, Jr., Joseph J. KIA in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, on 5 May 2006
Ferguson, Rick HHC 1/75 Inf, 1/501 101 Abn, 125 MI E Co. 25th ID, 1/21 Inf 25 ID, HHT 1/221 CAV 11ACR
Ferguson, Jerry 3/75
Ferguson, Mark A 2/75, HHC 4/9, HHC 2/11, B 2/54, C 1/504, B 1/504, A 5th RTB
Ferrand, Robert (Buck) 7th ID, 2nd Rgr Co (79-81), 101st Abn Div
Fiddner, Dighton 82nd ABN Div, 1st Inf Div (VN), 101st ABN Div
Fields, Chris 5th RTB
Fillmore, Earl KIA October 3, 1993, Mogadishu, Somalia
Findley, Boyett 101st, SF Training Group (SCUBA), 1st SFGA, 7th SFGA, Florida Ranger Camp, 5th SFGA (Vietnam)
Finn, Robert Co B & Recon, E-4-503d 173 ABN BDE (68-69); Mountaineering Instructor, 2RTB (69-70); 20th SFG; HQ,1-115th INF 29 ID(L); HQ, 3rd BDe, 29 ID (L)
Finney, Zack 2/75, 2nd Rgr Co, 18th ABC LRS, 5th RTBn
Fisher, Carl 505 PIR/ 325 AIR
Fisher, Douglas 82nd, 7th ID, 5th RTB, 101st, 506th, 25th ID, 1 Corps
Flack, Mike MRC '73-'76
Fleischer, Raymond A Co 75th Rangers(Airborne)Ranger Platoon, "D" Troop, 17th Cav
Fleming, Chad HHC 3/75, 4th I.D.
Fletcher, Edward 1/503d, 173D ABN 68-70; MRC 70-71; 82d ABN Avn Bn 72-73; Dental Corps: HSC, 7th MEDCOM, 18th MEDCOM 79-03; Ret 03
Floeter, Levi FWD Deployed Platoon Leader & Co XO 5/2 SBCT, 2 ID -Rifle Co CDR, 1-501st PIR (ABN) 4/25th IBCT -HHC CDR, 5th RTBN, Ranger TNG BDE
Flohr, Douglas 4th RTB, 75th Rgr Rgt, 5th RTB
Flores, Frank 1/75th;2nd RGR CO;3/75th;75th REGT;SOA Ft. Benning;3/325th Italy;11th REGT; JOTB Ft. Sherman;3/504th Ft. Bragg; USASMA Ft. Bliss,TX
Flowers, Lee
Flynn, Timothy
Fodness, Troy 1-506 INF 2ID, 5-9 INF/1-17 INF 6ID, 1-22 INF/1-32 INF 10th MTN, 129 INF BDE (ACRC - Hawaii)(400-442nd INF), Lt Inf Tng Tm (Tarantula) NTC, 1-187 INF, 101th ABN DIV (AASLT), 5th RTBn
Fogarty Jr, Francis P 1-48 Inf, 3rd AD USAREUR Germany 62-65
Fonseca, Hector Foreign Officer, Honduras
Fontaine, Bernard Too many to list. From Oct 1960 to Sep 1990
Foster, Tony A/1st 503rd, 173rd 66-67, 3rd Ranger Co. Patrolling Committee 69-70, Co. "C" Ranger 75th Infantry Airborne 70-71, A-341, 5th SF 1971
Fox, Stanley 2ND Div, 25 Inf Div, MACV, 1ST CAV Div, 1/75, 3\75, RGR RGT, 2RG CO
Frampton, Henry 82d Airborne Division
Franks, John 1/31 inf 2nd ID 73-75, A 1/75Inf 75-77, 1st AD 77-80, B 2/75 Inf 8o-83, 6thRTB cp Rudder83-85 , 10th MTN Div.85-87 , 86th US Army dive detachment Persian gulf 90-91
Franks, Jeff 2/75, 5th RTBn, 25th ID
Franks, Scott 82nd Airborne
Freeland, Dave
Frieg, Robert 3/75, 2nd Rgr Co/MRD, 3rd Rgr Co/BRD
Froede, Carl
Fuller, Kristopher 2nd Ranger 1991-1996, 10th MTN 2/87 Scouts 1996-1999, 82nd LRSD 2002-2004, 5TH RTB 2004-2008, 1-508 82ND Scouts2008-2010, 5th RTB 2011-Present
Fuller, Kristopher 2nd Ranger Bn B Co 91-96, 2-87 INF 10th Mtn Div HHC Scouts 96-99, LRSD 82nd ABN 02-04, 5th RTB 04-08, 4th Breg 1-508 82nd 08-11, 5th RTB 11-Present
Furlow, John T.
Gaddis, Walter Recon Plt Ldr 82d Abn, 1st Cav RVN, Tm B MRC '70-'72, 1st Inf Div, 8th Inf Div GER, Was at Camp Merrill dedication
Gagne, Eric 1/501 ABN, 2/22 INF,Cco & HHC 5th RTB, 2-14 INF
Gagnon, Joseph 5th Airborne Ranger Co( Korean War)
Gamble, Jeffrey
Garcia, Tony C. Co 1/508th 82nd Airborne, C Co. 1/75th, D Troop 2/9th Cav. Blue Platoon, 2nd Ranger Company, USARSA/DEA Central South America, A Co. 3rd/75th, HHC 75th Regiment, 5th RTB
Garland, Rickey
Garner, Larry R.
Garvey, Fred Ranger School, Airborne School, 82nd Airborne Division
Gausvik, Thomas Bravo Co. 2/87th Infantry, Mech Infantry Platoon Ldr (1975-76), Bravo Co. 2/87th Infantry, Executive Officer (1976), HQ Co. 5th Bn, and Alpha Co. 5th Bn, 1st Brigade
Gay, Steven 1st SFG(A), 5th RTBn
Gayle, Conrad
Gehring, Chuck 10th SFG(A)1972-1975, 5th SFG(A) 75-77, 7th SFG(A) 80-82, 160th SOAR(A)89-98
Geiger, Virgil B-2/75, 2d Ranger Co, Ranger Training Brigade. Passed away Oct 25, 2014 due to cancer.
Gemmer, Christopher US Army School of the Americas, WHINSEC, 1/15IN 3rd BDE 3ID, 2/69AR 3rd BDE 3ID
Genereux, Joseph RTB,Dahlonega, 68-69, 101ST ABN DIV 60-66, 196TH INF BDE, 69-70
Gentry, Neal Ranger Gentry died on 28 July 1990
Georgevitch, Gregory B/1/75 1981-1984
Georgevitch, Gregory 1/75 1981-1984 When is the critter cookout - 27 April 2019? What is the address for donations - I do not have pay pal - I'll send a check.
Gerkin, Mark 5th RTBn,
Gerlach, Gary 7th USAFAD 83-85, 11th SFG 85-87
German, Lincoln Co E, 7th SFGA; A-224, B-23, C-2 CMDRs, 5th SFGA; Bn XO, 82d Abn DIV; CO 3/10th SFGA, DAIG; Chief UW/DA SOD(JSOA)OJCS J-3 President, US Army Ranger Assn., INC 2007- 2010.
Giacobbe, David 10th Mountain Division
Giannattasio, Donald Mountain Ranger Camp 69/70, N Co, 75th Inf, 173d Abn 68/69
Gibbs, David 1971 MACV Adv.Team44 Gia Dinh Prov.
Gibson, Benton 1041st security strike force USAF
Gibson, Chester Mountain Ranger Camp
Gibson, Jerry B Co. 1/75th Rgr. Bn. 1974-76, HHC 1/75th Rgr. Bn. 1974-76
Gifford, Edward 101st ABN Div 2/503d, 82nd ABN Div 3/504t, 21st Support Command, USARCENT 3d Army, ROTC The Penn State University
Gil, David 2nd ID, 1st AD, 25th ID (ABN), 10th MTN DIV
Gilbert, Matthew 2nd/75th 1984-1986, 5th RGR Training Bn 1986-1987
Gillard, Jason WEBCO 2/75, AT Section
Gilliam, Mark
Gilliland, James 3/75, NCOA, 2-69AR,5th RTB
Giltzow, Jeffrey 1-325 A.I.R., 82nd ABN DIV AUG02 -FEB06 5th RTB OCT06 - Present
Glander, William 1st Inf Div, 3rd Inf Div, 25 Inf Div, 5th RTB
Glynn, Rick 9th Inf Div, 3d Inf Div,[5th Inf, 2d Arm, 4th Inf
Gogel, Roy 5 Bn (Abn), 81st FA, 1 Bn (Abn Btn Combat Team), 509th Infantry, 2 Bn, 8th FA, 7th Div Arty, 6th Bn, 80th FA, 7th Inf Div Arty
Golden, Jim B Co. 3/22 Inf. 25th Inf. Div
Gonzalez, Adriel HHC 1/508 PIR SCOUTS, 82ND ABN DIV
Gonzalez Jr., Jose Cco 1-75
Goodman, George 3rd Ranger Company, Camp Darby
Gordon, Robert 101st ABN Div, Army Mountain Warfare School, 1st BN 124th RGT (Infantry) Infantry Training CO
Gordon, Gary KIA October 3, 1993, Mogadishu, Somalia
Gordon, Lloyd 1974-1977 20th Eng Bn, Ft Campbell KY, 1977-1979 844th Eng Bn, Knoxville TN, 1979-1981 2/75 Ranger, Ft Lewis WA, 1981-1985 59th Ord Bde FRG, 1985-1990 2nd RGR CO / 5th Rtbn, Dahlonega GA, 1990-1993 25th ID, Schofield Bks HI, 1993-1996 5th RTBN, Dahlonega GA
Gore, Chad 5th RTBn
Gottmeier, William 5th RTB, 2/14 Inf, 10th Mtn Div
Gourley, Darryl B Co 2/75 1978-1980, C CO 4/23 1980-1982, HHC 1/12 SFG(A) 1983
Granger, Richard MRD, 82nd,
Granger Jr., James Aco 3/75, 5th RTB
Graves Jr, Patrick
Gray, Gerald 5th RTB
Green, Luke 1/75, 75th RGRg, 5th RTBn, 1/504, 3/187
Greene, John 5th Special Forces Group
Greenway, Douglas 75th Infantry
Greer, Nathan 5th RTB Camp Merrill, 2-38 CAV 504BfSB, USAREC,1-61 CAV 506 RCT, 3-81 AR
Grenier, Philip KIA in Grenada 27 October 1983
Gribben, Robert C 1/75
Griffin, Richard A-1/75
Griffin, Warren US Army Ret.
Grimes, J. Samuel S-3 RTBg, PRU, 1st Force Recon Company- Vietnam.
Grimm, Bill USMC 2ndDivRadio Relay Plt(now RadioReccn Bn in SplOpsCommand) 1962-63, 1stMAW RVN-Forward rdio relay team,path-finder team, combat SAR (now TRAP), 91st Vietnamese Ranger Bn(ABN) 1964
Grimm, Michael 1st Bn 75th RGR-HHC/Mtrs-ACO 1PLT, June 2003-Oct 2006, 5th RTB HHC Oct 06
Grisham, Thomas 2nd AD, 2-505 PIR 82nd Abn, A Co 5th RTB, NSW 10, 20th SFG, 1-121 INF OIF3 & QEF CJTFPHX 09
Grizzle, Clyde Deceased
Gronowski, Scott 3 SFG(A), 5th RTB, 2/75 RGR RGT
Gross, David 1st Ranger BN, 1-54 Inf, 2nd Ranger Company, 1st SFOD, 160th SOAR
Gross, Ed 293rd Engr Bn, Engr Cmd Europe, MACV, Engr Cmd Vietnam, III Corps Engineer, Savannah District Corps of Engineers, Office Chief of Engineers, South Atlantic Division of the Corps of Engineers
Gruno, Thomas B Co 2nd Bn 39th Inf 9th ID Rach Kien South Vietnam Plt Ldr
Guillory, Kenneth Commander - Camp Frank D. Merrill
Guld, Anthony 2nd Recon Bn 2nd MARDIV, Fco 51st LRS, 1-504 PIR, 101st Pathfinders, 5th RTB
Gulick, Brent E/75th Inf Reg/9th ID RVN, F/75th Inf Reg/25th ID RVN
Guthrie, Roger Co. A 1st. Plt. 1/75 Ranger 1978 - 1981
Haager, Tony 5th RTB
Hack, Michael 3/75, 101, 4th RTBn, 5th RTBn
Hacker, Frank 3/27, 2-505,1-504,HHC 82 ABN DIV
Haddix, Larry B Co 4th RTB
Hagen, Kenneth 2d Ranger Co. Dahlanega, GA 1984-1987
Halfacre, Noah A/75th Rgr, 9th ID Recon, 4th Bn Americal, RTC
Hall, Colin Camp Darby, F/75th Rgr RVN, 5th RTBn
Hall, Brody D Co., 1st BN (ABN), 503d IN, 173rd ABCT: A Co., 1st BN (ABN), 503d IN, 173rd ABCT: HHC, 1st BN (ABN), 503d IN, 173rd ABCT: 5th Ranger Training Battalion
Hall, Ross Honoray Member. Deceased
Hall, James 82nd, 25th ID
Hall, James
Halverson, Doug B-CO 2/75, 5th RTB '88-'92
Hamby, William 1/75 A Co, 3 Rd Ranger Co/ 4 th RTB, 7th RTB
Hamilton, Ronald G company Rangers Americal Div Chulai
Hamilton, Scott B Co 2/505 PIR, 82nd ABN DIV; HHC 3-109 AR TNARNG; C Troop 2/4 CAV, 24th INF DIV; C Troop 3/7 CAV, 3rd INF DIV; HHC 1/16 ACR USAARCEN; HQ V Corps (FWD) Balkans; D Co 1/61 INF USATC; C Co 2/72 AR, 2nd INF DIV; HHC 1/278 ACR AC/RC; USAJFKSWC; 95th CA BDE Iraq; HQ I Corps Iraq; USACGSC; HQ 1 MEB JOTC.
Hamilton, Jim Instr MRC 1959, Instr/S-3 MRC 1966, COI Benning 67/68
Hampton, Z Wade RECON 2/503d INF ABN
Hamrick, Brett
Hancock, Richard Bco 1-14INF 25ID, HHC Recon 25ID, 5th RTB Dahlonega GA, 1-28INF 1ID, FORSCOM, FT.Bragg
Hansen, Christopher 4/17 Infantry, 7th ID (L) Hq, Ft Ord. 25th Signal, Ft Gordon. 2/142 Infantry, 49th Armored DivisionTexas National Guard. 4th Tank Bn, 4th Marine Div. USMCR
Hansen, Roger 3/75th Ranger Reg. D-co.
Harden, Michael 25 ID
Hardin, James S2 and S3 HHC 18th Airborne Corps
Hare, Bryan C co. 2/75 1981-1985
Harley, Anthony B/75, A co 1/75, B co 1/75, PCT B co 2/75, HHC 2/75
Harmon, Elmer 5th RTBn
Harris, John 2-12th INF 4th BDE
Harris, Christopher 1/503d AASLT, 2ID (Korea), 3/15 Infantry, 3ID (Ft Stewart), HHC 2 BCT (Ft Stewart), HHC 5th RTB, OIF I/Invasion, OIF III
Harris, Daniel A Co. 1st PLT, 2/75 80-82
Harris, William LRSD, 110th MI BN, 10th MTN DIV
Harting, Ralf (Jay) KIA on April 29th, 2005, in Diyarah, Iraq
Hartless, Jeffrey A1/75, HHC 1/75, C 1/75, HHC 2/75, 5tf RTB, 2/187, 2/503d 173 Abn Bde
Hartline, Jon 3/504(PIR), JRTC OPS GRP
Hash, Jesse Co A 2/75th
Hash, John USN, 2/75, JSA, 7th ID
Hash, Roy 2/508th Abn Inf, 82nd Abn Div, 2/10th SFGA, 2/5th SFGA
Hassett, James 2d Engr (Combat) Bn, 2d Inf Div, 20 yrs Engineer/Aviator
Hawk, Steve 1/75, 2nd Rgr Co
Hawkins, Terry C-3/75 (Just Cause), 1/508, 3/505
Hawley, Jeff
Hayes , Jerry Cco 1/75 HAAF GRENEDA
Haynie, John
Head, Jason
Head, Gary Honorary Member - Passed away on 9/20/2016
Head, Dillard 173rd Airborne Infantry L.R.R.P.
Hedman, Gunar C Co 1st 75th, Grenada
Heffernan, Patrick 3/75, 5th RTB
Heltsley, Raymond 3/504 82nd Airborne Division, Tm 87 MACV RVN, Tm 98 MACV RVN, 2nd Ranger Co., MRC, Dahlonega, GA
Hennigan, Al Camp Darby BRC 70-73, D Troop 3/5 Air Cav RVN, B-1/502 Abn Inf 101st Abn Div RVN, 5th SF Grp RVN, Camp Darby BRC
Henry, Robert Succumbed to a cerebral hemorrhage on February 20, 2017
Henry, David A co 3/75, 1/327 101st, A co 4th RTBn
Henry II, George 25th ID, 2nd ID, 10th Mtn, 5th RTB, 101st,
Herbert, Andrew 4/10, 4/20, 1/187, 1/505/ OPS GRP JRTC, 5th RTBn
Heren, Cornelius 2/75 90MM GUNNER WEBCO , 1/16TH INf Big Red One, C/Co 1/509 Pathfiner, 1/187 RAKKASANS FT Campbel Ky. PSG/Kosovo, United Nations CMD. JSA/JSF, 5th RTB A/Co Camp Tac, 10th MI LRSU, Pathfinder Instuctor FT Benn., Civil Service Iraq 2009, Civil Service Camp Dwyer Afghanistan 2011
Herman, Roy 1/26 INF 1ID, 2/8 INF 4ID, A Co OPS Grp (NTC), CATD USAIS, 5th Ranger Tng Bn (Bn XO), 1st Bde 91st Div, G3 3rd U.S. Army
Hernandez, Robert E/50th Inf (Aborne) (LRP) 9th ID
Herrington, James 3/75 Ranger Regiment 3 Infantry Division, 3 Sustainment Brigade 4 Brigade 2-12 Cav Regiment 3 Brigade, 2-30 Infantry, 10 Mountain Division 5 RTB
Herrington, James 3/75 Ranger Regiment, 3ID, 2-12 Cav Regiment, 2-30 Inf 10 Mountain Div, 5 RTB.
Herrington, James 5th RTB
Herrington, James 3/75 Ranger Regiment- 3ID, 3 Sustainment Brigade- 4 Brigade, 2-12 Cav Regiment - 3 Brigade, 2-30 Infantry 10 Mountain Division- 5 RTB
Herrington, James 3/75 Ranger Regiment 3 Infantry Division, 3 Sustainment Brigade 4 Brigade, 2-12 Cav Regiment 3 Brigade, 2-30 Infantry, 10 Mountain Division
Herrington, James 3 Battalion 75 Ranger Regiment 3 Infantry Division, 3rd Sustainment Brigade 4 Brigade, 2-12 Cavalry Regiment 3 Brigade, 2-30 Infantry, 10 Mountain Division 5 Ranger Training Brigade
Hershey, Brent 1/75, 2-10 Air Cav LRSD, 5th RTB, 106 MI LRSD
Heston, Steve 2nd Infantry Division
Heugh, Rick 1/503d INF; 1/509th INF;193d INF BDE; 5th RTB; Advisor to Iraqi Special Border Forces; OEF-Afghanistan
Hibbitts, Leroy P Co Rangers Quangtri, Vietnam, Mountain Ranger Camp (instructor)
Hickman, Timothy Dec 1988 RIP, 1989-June 1991 C 3/75, Operation Just Cause Veteran
Hickson, Paul 2/75
Higdon, Brian
Hill, David Co B, 1/75th 1977-78
Hill, John 1st Plt A Co 2/75 78-80
Hiller, Stephen 25th ID, JRTC, 5th RTBn
Hilliard, Steven 2/508th PIR (1982-1984), LRSD 110TH MI BN (1992-1994), JRTC OPS GRP TF1 (1994-1998), 1/508TH ABCT 173rd ABN DIV (1999-2002)
Hillis, Mark Co. G. 143rd Inf (Abn Rgr)
Hiltibrand, Emmett F/75 RVN, MRC, BRD
Himsel, Ronald Commander Company D (RANGER) 151st Inf - Vietnam '68-'69
Hiter, Tom 1-502 INF, 101st ABN Div, RVN; Ranger Dept (Benning Camp and Darby), 73-75; 1-509 ABCT, 75-78; HQ 2BDE, 101st ABN Div, 78-82
Hodge, Matthew 1/75
Hoffman, Jeffrey 1/82ABN, C/3-7IN (RVN), 2-48IN (FRG), 21SUPCOM(CONUS AUG), 12SFGA, 4/70DIV(TNG), HQS FORSCOM.
Holcomb, Hank XO/Deputy Cdr Camp F.D. Merrill & Mountain Ranger Division, Dec 82 - June 84
Holden, Waldo
Holland, Scott D Co. 104 MI (LRSD)11/89-3/93, A Co. 1/501 PIR 6/93-10/95
Holland, Thomas 3-504 P.I.R 82d ABN DIV, 1-508th ABCT, 1-503d 173d ABN BDE, 5th RTB
Holland, Jim Ranger Dept 65-66,1st ID 66-67,MACV 68-69, Texas A&M 71-74 (TAC for 2 ROTC Ranger Classes,72-73),2/325 82d, Adv33dInBdeSep ILNG
Hollar, Rick 2nd Rgr Co
Honeyager, Roger P Co Rangers Quangtri, Vietnam, Mountain Ranger Camp Instructor
Hooper, Jeff "B" Company 1st of 29th, 2nd Ranger Company, 10th Mountain Division.
Horkan III, George C-1/75th, D Troop "Blues" 4/7th Cav, 556 MP, 988 MP, 2nd Rgr Co.
Horn, Roy 3rd Ranger Bn, 1988-1992, Operation Just Cause
Horn, Ernest CO G Ranger 75th Inf Abn 23RD Inf Div, Co B Ranger 75th Inf Abn VII Corp
House, Tim 3/75th, 2nd Ranger Company/5th RTB, 6th Infantry Division
House, Joe 1 505 PIR, 3rd ID LRS, I Corps LRS, 5th RTB, 1-24 INF, 1-8 INF, Montana State University (ROTC)
Householder, Greg 1/4 CAV 1st Inf Div, 3rd Squadron 2 Armored Cavalry
Houston, Johnny 1/75,2/75,5th RTB, 101 ABN
Howard, Andy MRD, Passed away July 24, 2017 in Dahlonega, GA
Howard, Robert Passed away in Waco, Texas on 23 December 2009
Howarth, Mark 10th Mtn Div
Hrynyshen, Ronald US Army Special Forces A Commander, thru SF Gp XO, Commander, Co A (RANGER) 259th Inf
Huber, Frank (Bud) A 1-504 PIR, F co 51st Inf,C 5TH RTB,C 1-508 ABCT,B 2-35 Inf,25th
Huckaby, Marshall 25th ID LRRPs, 1966-1967, RECONDO Number #111
Huff, James C co(abn rgr)1/29 TSB 73-74 A Co(abn)3/5 193rd Inf. Fort Kobbe PC 74-76 Ranger Dept. TSB Harmony Church 76-78
Huffines, Alan
Hughes, William Vietnam 196th LRRP, E/51 LRRP, G/75
Hughes, Donald 0-71 thru 05-78 instructor MRC P/75thRgr VN 1971
Humphus, Thomas 81st Airborne Ranger Bn ARVN, FRD
Hunt, Howard Passed away on March 10, 2006, in Dahlonega, GA
Hurley, Pat KIA February 12, 1991, Operation Desert Storm
Hutchison, Gavin B 2/75, 3/1 SFG(A)
Hutsler, William USMC
Hyatt, Justin Fatally injured in a traffic accident August 5, 2006
Hyde, James Douglas 3/75, HHC 75th Reg, 5th RTB
Hyde, Kelly
Irvin, Michael A Co. 3/75 Wpn Plt and 2nd Plt, D Co. LRSU 4th RTB
Irving, Harry 1/75, 5th RTBn
Irwin, Roy Cco 1/75 Ranger Regt.
Jackson, Carl 5th RTB, 101 Abn
Jackson, Bobby Vietnamese Ranger (BDQ) Advisor 1967 (37th Battaion and 1st Group)
James, Darren 2ID (Korea) 03-06, 5th RTB 06-08, B Trp 38 CAV LRS (ABN) 08-Present
Janeczko, Matthew 4-9 IN, 1SBCT, 4ID Fort Carson
Janous, William 2nd Ranger Company 1975-78
Jarvis, Jim
Jaussaud, Christopher
Jaussaud, Michael D RANGER 75th RGR RGT RVN 1969
Jenrette, Kevin KIA on June 4, 2009 near Kapisa, Afghanistan of wounds suffered from an improvised explosive device and small arms fire
Jensen, Tristan
Jensen, John RI and Tm Ldr, MRC, 71-73; Cmdr, 6RTB and Camp Rudder, 85-88
Johansson, David 4-27IN Schofield (93-95), The Old Guard (95-98), 1-14IN Schofield (98-01), 1-327IN Campbell (01-04), 5th RTB(04-Present)
Johnson, Bert 5th SFG Pleiku 9/66-12/66 1/12 4th Inf Div RVN Co D Ranger 2/67-3/67 18th Surg. Hosp.9/66-5/67
Johnson, Jayson 5th RTB
Johnson, Paul Oct 1985, 1/75 Ranger C co. and B co. up to 1995, 5th Ranger Training Bn. to 2002, then North Georgia college to 2005 to retirement, now working with Triple Canopy in the Westbank-Gaza area.
Johnson, James Co D (Ranger) 151st Inf-RVN Platoon Leader Nov '68 Nov '69
Johnston, Stephen 1/10 Inf, 4th Inf Div; 1/23 Inf, 2nd Inf Div; 1/12 Inf, 4th Inf Div
Jolin, Gregory 1/187th, 82nd
Jolley, John HHC, 2nd Ranger Bn (1993), 3rd Plt, B Co, 2nd Ranger Bn (1993-1995)
Jones, David HHT, 2/7 Cav (FIST); 2/29FA (155mm SP); USAFAS
Jones, Carl MRC '77, Vietnam, Korea,
Jones, Ricky Killed in auto accident in Dahlonega, GA in 1993
Jones, Lawrence 82nd Abn, 101st Abn, 173rd Abn, 173rd LRRP, MACV, Germany, Readiness Command
Jones, Carl SGM Mountain Ranger Camp 1970-1978. Passed away in Dahlonega, GA
Jordan, Shane 1/509 IN (ABN), LRSD 2ND ID
Jordan, David 1/325 82nd Airborne Division
Joyce, Kevin 4-22 IN, 25th ID, 1-327 IN 101st ABN, SOCPAC Camp Smith HI, USJFKSWC Ft Bragg
Joyner, Thomas Mountain Ranger Camp, 1st Inf Div. PCT/SFM, Delta Force
Joyner, Christopher 187th/82nd Cco Operation Iraqi Freedom
Juelke, Jason 2-502 inf reg scouts / HHC
Kadner, Ron 2/75, 3rd SF
Kaiama, Harold L Co 75th Infantry Rangers, 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam, Florida Ranger Camp 1968-1970
Kaiser, James
Kansky, Gary United Nations Command Joint Security Force Pan Mun Jom 1984-1986, 82nd Abn Div 1st 508 PIR, 3rd 505 PIR 1986-1990, Camp Frank D.Merrill 1990-1992 B Co.
Kaplan, Bennett Delta Troop 2/17th Cav., 101st Airborne
Karasek, Jeff C co 1/75 May 82-Mar 85 Grenada, MRD (2nd Rgr Co) Aug 85-Oct 88 (5th Rgr Trg Bn)
Karinshak, Bruce 65th Engineer Battalion, 25th Infantry Division; US Army Corps of Engineers, Pacific Ocean Division
Katzenberger, Jeremy KIA in Paktika Province, Afghanistan
Kaufman, Robert 1/75, 5 Bn 14th Inf, 5th RTBn
Kay, William 2nd ID; 10th SFG(A); 24th ID; XVIII Abn Corps; 82nd Abn DIv; 1st SFG(A); SOCEUR; 3rdSFG(A); SOCKOR; SOCOM
Kaye, Richard
Kazmierczak, Mark co c 2nd bn (abn) 503 pir, 101st abn div; co c 1st bn (rgr) 75inf; co a(abn) 3rd bn 5th us inf 193d inf bde; 2nd ranger co mrd; light fighter cadre 7th inf div; co c 4th bn 17th, 7th inf div; b co 4th ranger training bde; bde tac off. ranger training bde; b co 1st bn 507th pir; hhc 1st bn 507th pir
Kearns, James 5th Ranger Training Battalion 1988-1992. Served as Platoon Trainer (C Co), Co Commander (C Co), Bn Adjutant/S-1, Co Commander (HHC)
Keigley, Fred 7th ID, 82nd, 5th RTBn
Keith, Mark 75th Rgr Reg
Keith, Charles 1/75, 5TH RTB, 1st ID LRSD, 101 PFDR, TAAS, Passes away on August 12, 2013
Kelley, Stan 5th RTBn, 1st SOC
Kelley, Larry 1/14, 25th Inf Div, B-1/75, 2nd Rgn Co CFM
Kelly, Frank Died - 1999 in Alabama
Kendrick, Steven 1st Ranger Battalion 1976-1978, 2nd Ranger Battalion 1982-1985 (Grenada), C co. 172nd Light Infantry Brigade Airborne (Alaska)
Kennedy, Ronnie Co.D 2/503, Co.C 4/23 172Inf. Bde. (Alaska)
Kennedy, Brandon 2-503IN, 173rd ABCT (OEF 8 & OEF 10) 4th RTB (Alpha CO & HHC)
Keogh, Charles Co. L 75th Rangers, 101st Abn. Div.
Keough, Jeremy Bco 2/187th Inf 101st Abn Div, HHC Scout Platoon 2/187th Inf
Kernan, Kyle 2nd Ranger Co under SSG Wilson (KIA IRAQ), Aco 3/5 ABN
Ketchum, Heinz L Co Rgr 101st, 5th RTBn
Kiel, William H Co (RGR) 75th INF (ABN), 1st CAV DIV APO SF 96490 (Vietnam '69,'70'71 &'72)
Kilbride, John 2/75, 1/75
King, Joey B . A/3/325 Airborne Battalion Combat Team Ft Bragg NC and Vicenza Italy
Kinney, James C Co. 1/75
Kirby, J.D. 1/502, 2nd Rgr Co
Kirkover, Herbert 5th RTBn 1995-1999, 4th RTBn 2004-2006
Kitchen, Alan HHC, 1/18th, 3rd Bge, 24th ID HHC, 2/5, 25th ID HHC, 5th RTBn
Kittle, Scott 3/75, 3/14th Inf, 10th Mtn Div, 5th RTB, 2/504 PIR, 3rd Inf Old Guard
Knight, Phillip Platoon Leader,2/C (Airborne) 4th Bn/9th, Air Ops Off. 4/9, BMO 3rd Bn/10th Inf.
Knoepke, Adam 82nd Abn Div, 101st Abn Div, 5th RTB
Kohler, George Aco 1/75 90-94
Kolodetsky, Bryan A3/75, 6th RTB, 1st SFG(A)
Kolp, Joseph E Co (LRSC) 109th MI Bn, 1/325 AIR 82 Airborne Division, 1st SFG (A), 19th SFG (A), SODPAC.
Koski, Stephen
Krackenberger, Kevin 25th ID, 10th Mtn
Kranich, Johnny KIA in Kandahar, Afghanistan in December 2006
Krasinski, Brendan 3/15, 3 ID, 5th RTB
Kraus, Corey C co 1/75
Kulow, Steven C RGR 1-29th INF, 2nd RGR Co., C BTRY 1-194 FA, HHB 1-194 FA, A BTRY 1-194 FA
Lacasse Jr., Harold Cco, 2nd plt, 2bn Bn.(RANGER)75th Inf.// Aco, 2nd plt, 1st Bn. (RANGER)75th Inf.// Bco, 3rd plt, 1st Bn. 17th Inf., 2nd ID Korea// Cco, 3rd plt, 3rd Bn., 75th Ranger Regt
Lacks, Jon 7th DIV Light, 2-187, 1-187, 5th RTB Bravo,1 AD, The Old Guard
Lada, Terry 3/75 - 1984-1986, Mountain Phase RSE - 86, Mountain RI 88
Lai, Andy D Co 1/503rd 173rd ABCT, HHC 5th Ranger Training Battalion
Laing, Keith
Landrum, Donald 6th Special Forces Group, 5th SF Group (Vietnam 1965-1966, Project Delta), MR2 Ranger Command (Vietnam 1970-1971)
Lang, Edward Instructor 2nd RNG Company Jun 70 - Jun 71
Langdon, Willard MRD, 37th Rgr Bn Vietnam
Langendorf, Mark ACo 2nd Bn 325 Inf (abn) 82nd Airborne BCo 1st 23rd inf 2nd Infantry Division, University of Dubuque ROTC, S-3 1st Bde 6th Infantry Division, Readiness Group Meade 3rd Army, 2nd COSCOM VII Corps Saudia Arabia, University of Dayton ROTC
Langston, Doug 1/75, 2nd Rgr Co
Lannon, Kevin KIA in Grenada 27 October 1983
Lanos, John 2nd Ranger Company, 412 the CA BN fid/uw 95th CA Bn. 5TH SFG .USAREC
Lanza, Marc
Larson, Marshall E Company 75th Rangers
Larson, Berdeane 1st RGR BN,5th RTB,
Lassally, Gonzalo 2-87INF, 1-4 INF, HHC 10th MTN DIV, 3-71 RSTA
Lawendowski, Joseph A 1-17th IN, HHC 1-17th IN, HHC 4-9 IN, A 1-50th IN, HHC 3-297th IN (SCT)
Lawrence, Michael 3-325 AIR, 5th RTB, 4th RTB, 2nd 3-15 IN
Lawrenson, Pete Served with 2nd Ranger Group, 11th Bn (Vietnamese) based in Pleiku Jan - Nov 1969
Laws, Charles 5th RTB, 1/75, 3/75, 101st Abn, 5th SF
Lawson, Jared Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team 97-99, FMF 3rd LAR Bn 99-00
Ledford, George 1st Ranger Bn, 3rd Ranger Bn, 2nd Ranger Company CFDM, Airborne Department, 82 Airborne Div. 509th Abn Bn BCT,
Lee, Richard 1/504, 5th RTB, 3/325, 2/504, 29th Inf
Lee, Rob 5th SFGA 69-70 ,MRC 70-73
Lee, James MRD, Died May 7, 2009
Lee, Michael A Co. 1/325 AIR,B Co. 1-503D INF Regt., C Co 3-04 PIR
Leete, Harold 4/17 Infantry, 7th Infantry Division
Legg, Glenn 3-6 Inf, 2-6 Inf, 10th MTN, 1/75 RGR, 82d ABN, 75th RGR Regt, 5th RTBn
Leicht, Bob 2-9 Inf (ROK), 2-505 Inf/82d, 1-504 Inf/82d, 3-1 SFG (FLW), 2-1 SFG (FLW), 1-1 SFG (Okinawa)
Leid, Eric 1st recon Bn 1st MARDIV, 1/24 4TH MARDIV 3/502IN, JOTB, 101ST Pathfinder Co, 5th RTB
Leines, Robert 1/75, 5th RTB, RRD 75th
Leisinger, Reed 2/75, 2nd Rgr Co
Leppla, Kevin B 2/75 79-82
Leslie, Mark A Co 2-504 PIR 82nd, E Troop 1-17 CAV (LRST)82nd, XVIII ABN CORP LRSC, C CO 5th RTB, 1-32 IN, 10th MTN, 2-7 CAV, 1st CAV DIV
Lester, Michael 1st Brigade 504th PIR 82nd Airborne Division, 3/504th PIR 82nd Airborne Division
Lester, Michael 82nd Airborne Division; 504th PIR
Lettieri, Troy C/3/75, 3rd SFG
Leugers, Thomas A/1/17th CAV 82nd ABN///E Co 51st INF (LRSU)//7th SFG (A)
Lewis, Matthew 1-68 Armor, 4-34 Armor, 1-10 Cav, 2-4 Cav, National Ground Intelligence Center, INSCOM, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, U.S. Joint Forces Command, Joint Staff, J-7.
Lewis, Tony 1/75, 3/75, 5th RTBn
Lewis, Allen CSC 2/504 INF, Cco.5th SFG, 4th 187th INF, Eco. 51st INF LRRP, 7th ID 165th MI LRRPS,(operation Just Cause)+( Desert storm) with the 18th ABN Corps LRRPS, 3rd 187th INF
Lewis, Kenneth
Lewis III, Cliff C/2-1 & 3, 3/75
Liebendorfer, Jerimiah 3/325, 101st
Ligon, Peyton 4/503 Bn, 173rd Bde 67-68, 82nd Abn Div 72-76, 7th ID Ft Ord, Bn Cdr, 2/9 Inf
Lim, Steven B Co 2-327 101st, 5th RTB
Lindstrom, Jeff 5th RTBn
Little, Dale A Co 2/75, 5th RTB, F Co 51st LRSC
Littlewood, Charles 1/325
Livingston, Otis 7TH DIV; Ranger Dept, USAIS Mountain Camp and Ranger Dept Ft. Benning; 2D ABN BG, 503D INF Ft. Bragg and USARPAC; 2D BN 501ST INF, 101ST ABN DI RVN;,
Livingston, Thomas 3 tours @ 5th RTB, 1\75 RGR REGT, 5\87th INF REGT (Scouts), 101st Airborne Division
Lloyd, Andrew A-3-504 PIR 82ND ABN, 717 ORD CO (EOD)
Lombardi, Jr., Vincent Died 18 February 2003
Long, Johnny B Co. 2/75, B.Co. 5th RTB
Long, James C 2/75: Oct 92-Jan 96, C 3/75: Mar 01-Jan 04
Lopez, Adam 2/75
Lopez, David 9th ID, 2nd ID, 7th ID, 25th ID, 7th RTB (1991-1994), 10th Mtn, 5th RTB (1998-2000), Cal Poly ROTC, Retired
Lopez, Joseph 5th RTB, 1140th Cmbt Engr MONGB, 347th Rescue Wing Moody AFB
Lopez Figueroa, Jose
Lorbeer, Robert Graduated Ranger School Dec 1968; Berlin Brigade; C Co. 1st Bn/506th Airborne Inf, 101st Airborne Div (RVN) 70-71; Instructor Ranger School, 71-72
Lorimor, Rick B 2/75, A 1/7th 3rd ID, Mountain Ranger Camp, B 2/22 10th MNT, JRTC, ROTC Arkansas
Lott, Wayne 1st Ranger Bn 74 to 76 B Co
Louys, Tim 5th SFG(A), 1st SFG(A), USAJFKIMA(A), SFOD-D(A), USAJFKSWCS(A), 3rd SFG(A)
Lovett, Steven 1/75
Lovett, Steven 1/75th HAAF, GA 86-89
Lucas, William
Luedecke, Mark C Co 2nd Rgr Bn., 5th SF Group, 1st SFOD-D
Luman, Kelly Jack 3/75, 5th RTB, 101st
Luna, Michael B-3/75 Operation Just Cause - Panama
Luna, Leonardo
Lykens Jr., Randall
Lykens Sr., Randall 1st Ranger Bn 77-79, 84-86
Lynn, Rodney 317th Combat Engineer Battalion, 3rd Brigade, V Corps, Eschborn, Germany
Lyons, Patrick H Co. 52nd Inf. LRRP Ranger
Lyons, Joshua 3-139 FA, 2-44 ADA-101st ABN, 4thID DIV STB, 1CD DIV STB, USMC TECOM, NTM-A CSTC-A
Mabe, James HHC 2/75, Aco 2/75, USAG Ft Lewis, USAG Yakima Firing Center
MacCallum, Doug Co. E 50th Inf. LRRP Viet Nam 1967-68
Macchia, James 151 Rangers Airborne, D/75 Airborne Rangers
MacFarlane, James
Maddox, Chad 1/75, 5th RTB
Maestas, David 2-75 RGR. 94-1999
Maier, Karl 1/75 Ranger, C2, HHC SNOT 01-00/12-03
Maier, Tom 1/75, E Co, 4th RTBn, 5th RTBn, 75th Ranger Regiment, Joint Special Operations Command
Maini, Paul
Malson, Richard C Co 2/75 1975-77
Manges, David 1/75 '80-'85, 5th RTB 85'-'90, 122d Inf LRSU, 1/501, Auburn Univ ROTC, 1/502, 101st Abn Pathfinder Co.
Manis, Royce A CO 1/75 RGR RGT, C CO 5TH RTB, B CO 1-503 AASLT, A and C CO 2/75 RGR RGT, B and HHC 3/505 PIR, HHT 5-73 CAV, HHT 3/4 CAV and HHC 2-27 IN RGT (WOLFHOUNDS)
Manning, Richard 2/60IN, 2/503IN Korea, 5/87IN Panama, 2/325, F-51, 4/325 AIR, 5RTB,1/5IN, HHC 1BDE-25ID, 5th RTB, ROTC
Manning, William 2/75, 2nd Rgr Co
Marceau, Davin 3/75 2001-2003
Marceau, Keith USASOC, 5th RTBn, 1/509th IN ABN (OPFOR), 1-509th PIR 2001-2003, 2-503rd Abn Inf (Italy) 2003-2004, SETAF 2004-2006, B/5th RTB 2006-Present
Marenda, John B Co, 1-325th AIR, 82nd ABN DIV (2003-2012); C Co, 5th RTBn (2012-present)
Margetis, Joseph HC 2-502 INF. Scouts
Marrero, Gualberto C Co 1/75 96-99, HHD 3/75 03-06
Marshall, Tyler 2-504 PIR, 1BCT, 82ND ABN DIV
Martin, Nathan 1-509th PIR, 3BCT 82D, 82D Pathfinder company, 5th RTB
Martin, Mike
Martin, Danny B Co. 1/75
Martin, Alvin 5th RTBn
Martin, William Co. "G" 75th Inf - attached to 23rd Inf (Americal) Division RVN 1970 - 71, MACV Recondo School - Recondo NR 3041
Martin, Brett
Martin, David
Martinez, Julian 9th ID 1968-69, Mtn Ranger Camp 1967
Masoner, Marc 2/75 1989-1993, currently serving w/ 20th Group Special Forces
Massey, Jerry 1/75, 82nd, 7th RTBn, 5th RTBn
Masters, John 1st Bn 75th Infantry( Ranger)
Matthews, Jim B/307th Med 82nd, two tours VN----1st.Div. & Tm 162 VN Abn.
Mattison, Joe Passed away in 2017
Mazzarese, Christopher
McAuliffe, George 25th Infantry Div (HI), IOAC,7SFGA (NC), 172 Lt Inf Bde (AK), HQ TRADOC (VA), AMC (DC)
McBride, William Passed away on December 22, 2012
McBride, Travis
McCabe, Douglas 1st Viet Rgr Gr (21st, 37th, 39th Bn) MRC, 3/7
McCalip, Slade C 1/75, 104th LRS
McCamish, Craig C Co 2/75 83-87, D Co 101 (LRSD) 89-91, 5th RTB 98-00
McCann, Art C CO 1-75, A / HHC 5th RTB, 173rd ABN BDE
McCartney, Sean E/51st Inf (LRS)(ABN), F/52d Inf (LRS)(ABN), 10th MTN DIV LRSD, 173d ABCT, JRTC OPS GRP
McCaughey, Paul B 2/75, 2nd Rgr Co CFM, 3rd Recon 3ID, 3rd Rgr Co, 4th RTB
McClain, Bobbie B Co 2/75th Ft. Lewis, WA 2002-2003
McClain, David G Co 75th Ranger VietNam 71-72, RI MRC 72-73, Best Ranger Competition 1985
McClellan, Roy 2-325 A.I.R.; 313th M.I. Battalion; 2-82 Brigade HQs; 3-5 SFG(A); BCTP; SOCCENT; Military Assistance Program US Embassy Jordan; USSOCOM
McClendon, Robert
McClure, Dustin Fort Irwin, CA, Fort Benning, GA, Fort Drum, NY
McConkey, Kenneth E Co. 50th Inf (LRRP) 1968
McCormick, Douglas 124 MI (LRSD) 24th I.D., C CO 1/503, 522 MI (LRSD) 2 AD
McDonald, Roger
McDonald, Marty Ranger Training Command Fort Benning Ga 1968, 173rd Airborn RVN 68/69
McElliott, Ronald B/75th Inf, 5th RTBn, 1/503, 173rd, 3/5th
McFarland, Curtis 25th Inf Div - 1st Inf Div
McGee, Rick A/75th Rangers Ft. Hood Tx. 1st Cav Div 73-75
McGee, John Died in St Augustine, Florida, on October 4, 2005
McGillivray, David 1-505 PIR 82d ABN DIV, 2-325 AIR 82d ABN DIV, A co. 5th RTB
McGreevy, Mike KIA June 28, 2005, in Afghanistan
Mcintire, Robert Co. D 151st Ranger Infantry, Indiana National Guard L.R.P. Vietnam 1968/69
McIntosh, Richard C Co., 1/75
McKinney, Mike 1/75 88 '-93 ', 5th RTB 93'-97'
McLane, Louie Vietnam Advisor, 2nd Ranger Company
McMahan, Bobby Passed away December 4, 2018 in Gainesville, GA
McManus, Mark B Co, 5th RTB 1992-1996
McPeak, Gary C ABN 1/17 Ft Richardson Alaska, JTF-PM JOC Panama, D/1/504 PIR Ft. Bragg NC
McRight, Frank 2/52 Inf.Bn.,1st Armored Division, 20th SF Gp. Alabama National Guard
Meadows, Bobby 1/8th Abn 1st Cav RVN, MRD, 199th LIB RVN
Medina, Nick A-1/75 80-84, 2nd Rgr Co 84-87, 6th RTBn 90-92, 1/501 Scouts 92-96
Meixner , Paul 1/75
Merritt, Bill
Mestler, Gilbert "Gil" B/1-9IN(MANCHU) 1976-77; 10 SFGA 1977-80; 2-87IN 1981-84; 1 SFGA 1984-85; LRSD/42ID 1986-87; C/1/11 SFGA 1991-94; SOCKOR 1994-2001; SOCCENT 2008-10; ARMY STAFF 2010-11; 3 IBCT(L)/1 AD 2011-12
Metayer, Scott HHC 172 SBCT, 5TH RTB, JRTC, 82 ABN, 6TH ID
Michaud, Kevin 7TH ID (Bco 7th MED), 314th MED Co (MEARNG), 101st (3/502), 5TH RTB, MEPS, 1AD (4oth EN)
Mifsud, Patrick
Miller, Larry B company 75th inf. Ft Lewis Wa
Miller, Lonnie Died 1999, in Dahlonega, GA
Miller, William 2nd ARVN Ranger Group, Biet Dong Quan, 23rd Bn Jan 1968-Dec 1968
Miller, Harold AD: 299th Engineer Battalion (Combat) [Ft. Sill]; Readiness Group-St. Louis; Depot Systems Command [Letterkenny Army Depot] PA ARNG: 1-112th Infantry Battalion (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) [Cambridge Springs, PA]; 28th Comabt Aviation Brigade [Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA] Two tours in Iraq (OIF III & OIF 09-11)
Miller, Mark B 2/75, HCMTC, 2nd Ranger Co.
Miller, RJ 2-75th
Miller, William 101st Abn, 3rg Rgr Co, 2nd Rgr Co, 5th RTB, 173rd, A/75th 6th RTB
Milligan, Wesley 1/75 Ranger Regiment: 2008-2011,m 1-505 PIR: 2014-2017, 5th Ranger Training BN: 2018-Present
Mills, Chester 21st Ranger Battalion/Vietnam
Mills, Brian 1-325, 1-508, 3-325, 5th RTB, 10th mountain, 1 Inf div
Milton, Stephen 82nd ABN Div; 2/75th RGR RGT; 1st SFG(A); ABNSOTD; YTC YPG
Minatra, John D Camp Merrill '66-'68, 11th Vietnamese Ranger Bn. Passed away 3-7-2018 in Pulaski, TN.
Miner, Kryn E Trp 1/17cav LRS-D (82nd abn Div) 8/89 - 02/94
Minobe, Randy 82nd ABN, 25th ID, 10th MTN, 5th RTB, 2nd ID, 8th Army
Minter, Chad HHC 75th Ranger regiment 2004/07
Mitchell, Christopher
Mixon, David C company 1/46 196th Infantry Brigade
Mizer, Glenn
Molden, Jack 1/75, 5th RTBn
Molina, Nestor Cco 2/75 RGR, Cco 5th RTB
Molkup, Ken A Co., 1/8--First Cav.--7/65-6/66, Mtn. Ranger Camp--7/66-5/68
Moller, William CO, Co A, 1 Bn, 31 Inf, 7ID; S-2, 3 Bde, 7 ID, ROK; Sec Off, Armed Forces Courier Svc, CONUS; Plans Chief, 525 MI Grp; Spec Ops Tm Ldr, Combined Materiel Exploitation Ctr, MACV, RVN.
Moncada, Jesus G Co, 75th Ranger (Abn) Americal Div; RI Mtn Ranger Camp (Mar 1970-Mar 1971)
Monger, Karl 1/75 1990-1993
Monks, Richard D/506 ABG, 101st Airborne Div.
Monreal, Hilario (Bobby) Mountain Ranger Camp 1976-1979, 2nd Ranger Bn 1984. 7th Special Forces group 1988-1994
Monroe, Michael 5th RTBn, 2nd ID LRSD
Monschke, Justin KIA in the south Baghdad region of Arab Jabour, Iraq
Montano, James Co L Rangers 75th Infantry, 101st Airborne, RVN (1971), Ist BN Ranger 75 Inf, Ft Stewart (1974-1977)
Montcalm, Rick 1/75 (Bco,HHC)77-80, HHC 24ID(80-82), A/3/11SFGA(R)82, 1/75(83-85)Regiment RIP(85-88) E/4RTB(88-91) 1-501ABN(91-94) 2-327(94-95) HHC,AVN BDE(95-96)2-327(96-97) HHC,1/101(97-98) JTF-Bravo(98-99) 1/101(99-00) USASMA(00-01) 2-327(01-04) JTF-Bravo (05-06) 7-17CAV(06-07)
Monzon, Joe (Jose) 7th Inf. Div. (L), Ft Ord, CA. 87'-91' Active Duty, 3/20TH. SF Group (A), Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 91'-95' National Guard/Reserve, 01/91' activated from the IRR for Op Desert Shield/Desert Storm. 3rd. Inf. Div.Germany
Mooneyham, John B/1/322 INF, A/2nd/502 Airborne Inf, USAMRC, B/2/8 CAV, C/2/2/1st SFG, HHC/1/2nd INF, HHC/7th SFG
Moore, Shaun 1-504 PIR 03-08, 5th RTB 08-10, 1-38 CAV 10-13, USAJFKSWCS 13-14, 5th POB (A) 14-18, 8th POG (A) 18 to present
Moore, Shaun 1-504 PIR 03-08, 5th RTB 08-10, 1-38 CAV 10-13, USAJFKSWCS 13-14, 5th POB (A) 14-18, 8th POG (A) 18 to present
Moore, Shaun 1-504 PIR 03-08, 5th RTB 08-10, 1-38 CAV 10-13, USAJFKSWCS 13-14, 5th POB (A) 14-18, 8th POG (A) 18 to present
Moore, John 2nd Rgr Co, 1.75, 3/75, JSOC, 1st SWTC
Moore, Michael 193rd INF BDE, 4th ID, 101st, USAREC, 101st, 5th RTB
Moore, Harvey Killed in a training accident on October 29, 2002, near Salt Lake City, Utah
Moore, Scott 1-503 INF (AASLT) 2ID, 1-9 INF 2ID, 1-12 INF 4ID
Moore, Jeff 1st Cav Div, 2nd Cav Div
Moore, Shaun 1-504 PIR, 5th RTB, 1-38 CAV, USAJFKSWCS, 5th POB (A), 8th POG (A)
Moore, Shaun 1-504 PIR 03-08, 5th RTB 08-10, 1-38 CAV 10-13, USAJFKSWCS 13-14, 5th POB (A) 14-18, 8th POG (A) 18 to present
Morales, Juan HHC 1-75 Ranger, A co. 2-10 AVN, 10th MTN Div.
Moran, Jeffrey A CO 1/75 RGR RGT, 75th RGR RGT
Morfit, Van C/509, JFKUSAIMASWC, 7th SFGA, 3/20 SFGA
Morgan, David 5th RTB
Morgan, John Mountain Ranger Committee, Camp Frank D. Merrill, 1970-1972 S-1, MRC, 1972
Morgan, John B Team, Patrolling Committee, MRC, 70-72.
Morgan, Dennis HHC 75th Ranger Regt., 2/325 A.I.R. 82nd, A co 5th RTB
Morgan, David 3/27th IN Fort Ord, Ca, 3/502nd Fort Campbell, Ky, C co. 5th Ranger Training BN, Aco. 25th IN Hawaii, 75th Ranger Regiment.
Morneault, Brian 3/75th RGR REGT, 75th RGR REGT RHQ, F Co, 51st IN LRSC, 5th RTB
Morrow, Keith Cco 1/75 79-81, HHC 3/75 84-85, Bco 3/75 85-86
Morrow, Mark PLT Leader 2-9 Infantry; 7th ID(L), Commander A/6th RTB. Commander B/2-9 Inf, 7ID(L), S3/XO 5th RTB, Commander, 2-351 INF Bn
Mott, John B 2/75, 2nd Ranger Co, C 2/75
Mullaney, Michael 5th RTBn, 6th ID Alaska, 2/327
Murphy, Fred MRC, Korea
Murphy, Franklin Ranger Instructor '77-'79
Murphy, Chuck 1/75, RTB,
Murphy, Andrew 5th RTB
Murphy, Robert V Corps LRRP Co. (1961-4), 1/501, 101st 64-65, 5th SFG RVN 1965, 2/502nd RVN 1965-66, 2/508th, 3rd Brigade VN Abn Adv 1968, 6th BDQ Ranger Gp (1968-69), 1st Bde 82nd 1969-70, Sr Rep USMC schools Quantico 1976-77, 1/509th ABCT Italy 1977-79, Sp Ops Cmd, Pacific 1982-5, JCS Sp Ops (1985-88)
Muse, Tyrone E Company 7th Rangers
Mutell, Bill
Myatt, Gary A Co 5th RTB
Myhre, Bob 1/75, MRD, Died 3 April 2009
Myrs-Bratton, Larry 1963-1965 Various training phases and cadre billets 48th Recon Det Germany 1965-1966 52nd Pathfinder Det Pleiku RVN 1966 5th SF Recondo School Nha Trang RVN 1967 SOG-CCC Kontum RVN 1967-1968 III Corps RVN Pacification Team "Dracula" 1968-1969, H Co 75th Inf Ranger Abn 1st Cav RVN 1969-1970, 2/8 Recon 1st Cav RVN 1970
Nail, Jeffrey 1-504, 5th RTB
Name, Name
Naples, Greg 3-7IN, 5th RTBn
Nash, Robbie 2/504, 1/501, 207 LRSD
Neary, Christian B/2-505 PIR, C/1-319 AFAR, HHB/1-113 FA, A/1-103 FA, D/1-206 FA
Neel, Gerald Afghanistan-Operation Enduring Freedom, Aco 1/75th Ranger Reg. Awarded CIB and Combat Scroll. Deployed 29 Dec. 2001 through March 2002.
Neisler, Kevin 1/505 PIR, 82d ABN DIV, Leadership Academy 95th TNG DIV, 1/21 IN, 25th ID, D Co 125 MI BN 25 ID, E Trp 11 ACR, 1/393 IN 75th Training Support DIV, ARFOR JTF-B Honduras, 5th RTBn
Nelson, Nels First Ranger Bn 1974-1978
Nelson, Edmon 2nd Ranger Dahlonega, D Troop 4th of 7th Korea
Nelson, Michael 3rd/75th, H Co 121st LRS, 4th CST
Nelson, Jason
Nery, Gerard B/75th Rangers, N/75th Rangers, 173 Abn Bde, 82 Abn Div, 2d Inf Div, 132d Avn ASH, 3-149 Avn Bn, Avn Bde, 49th AD
Nethken, David A. 1-75, 2-75, 3d RGR CO, 6th RTB,
Neuhaus, Ingo B co. 1/75th Rgr. Bn., A co. (ABN.) 3/5 Inf. (Panama)
Neves, Peter 2/75, Died 13 October 2008
Newton, John 3/75, 4th RTB, TF 1-30 IN
Nguyen, Thang H Biet Dong Quan (BDQ)
Niblett, Joe HHC 1/75 - C-FIST 80-83
Nick, Tyson Passed away December 5, 2012
Nickell, Shawn 2-505th PIR, 3rd BDE, 82nd ABN DIV (01-04)
Nickell, Tyson Passed away December 5, 2012
Nix, Billy L/75th Inf, 101st,
Noll, Charles 9th Inf, 1st Cav, Team 162 MACV, Ranger Dept.
Northquest, Bill MRC 64-65, C/1/327 Abn Inf, 2/15 Inf, !st Inf Tng Bde
Nowak, Joe 1/75, 3/75, 75th RngR, 2nd Rgr Co
Nunez, Willie C 1/75, Berlin BDE, 5th RTBn, 5/9 Inf, 1/17 Inf, USASMA, 2/8 Inf
Nunley, Tony 1/75, 5th RTBn, 1/501, NGCSU ROTC
Nye, Jeramy 18th Abn Corps (LRSC), 82nd Abn (LRSD), B Co 3-505 PIR, HHC Co 2-1 Inf, b Co 5th RTB, Co 5th RTB
Oakes, Keith 5th RTBn USMC
O'Brien, Tristan B. Co. 1/75. 2001-2005, Combat Deployments OIF x 3/OEF x 1
O'Brien, Michael
O'Brien, Bob 5th Ranger Training Battalion; 1 BCT, 82nd ABN DIV; 4 BCT, 82nd ABN; 2-504 PIR; 2-2 IN; 2-327 IN
O'Byrne, Michael 197th Inf, Ft Benning - Mech Co XO, Det B-57/Camp A-421, 5th SF Group, RVN, SOA(CCN), 5th SF Group, RVN, , D Troop/17th Cav (Air), RVN, Asst S-3, F Troop/8th Cav (Air), RVN, Scout Plt Ldr, 224th MI Bn (AE), Germany, S-3, 73rd MI Co (AS), Germany, Commander, 151 Mob Des Detachment, Wash, DC, HQ USSOCOM, Florida, SO-J3 Augmentee
Oden, Erett 2/75, 5th RTB
O'Donnell, Brian 1/504, 82nd ABN, Ft. Brag; Company C (Ranger) 75th INF, RVN: USAMRC Dahlonega,GA '70-'71; USAAVNS, Ft. Wolters,TX / Ft. Rucker, AL; HHC (AVN Sect) 1st BDE, 82nd, Ft. Bragg: interservice transfer to USMC 1974; HML-167 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing,; 4th Marine Regt, 3rd, MARDIV, Okinawa; First MAW, Okinawa; CO HML/A-167, MAG-29: MCAS New River, NC,
O'Donnell, Thomas HHC 4/9INF, C 4/9INF, C 2/1INF, B 3/504 PIR
O'Hanlon, Mikal 503rd Inf, MRD
Ohnemus, Tom Plt. Ldr. 173d Airborne Bde. Vietnam '68-'69. Cdr. Joint Task Force FC 90. Cdr. JTF Jaguar '92-'93. Cdr. 3d Bde. 75th Div '93-'95. Cdr U.S.Forces MOMEP '96-'07.
O'Keefe, Garrett 4-31IN 10th MTN DIV, 10th MTN DIV LRSD, 1-14IN 25th IN DIV
Oliver, Sloan 2/75 Bn; 519th MI Bn, Ft. Bragg; LRSD 10th Mtn Div; 3/325 ABCT Vicenza, Italy
Olshansky, Shane 3/36 IN , 3AD
ONeill, Keith Charlie Weapons 2/75,108th MI Bn,Baumholder CI Spt Tm
O'rear, David C-1/75, 5th RTB,
Orosz, Ronald 1/75, 5th RTB, 75th, 3/75
Orth, Gregg Ranger Instructor 1965-1966,"A" Co,3/60th 9th Div.1967-1968, Operations Officer (S-3)Ft. McPherson, Ga.
Ortiz, Angel 2nd 11th inf
Ortiz, Angel
Osborn, Kyle KIA September 13, 2012 while serving with 1st Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team in Afghanistan.
Osborne, Earl 5th RTB, 82nd, JRTC
Ostasewski, Peter C 1/75 84-86, C 2/14 (commando) 10th Mt. Div 86-87 AHS MEDCOM 91C Course 87-88 121st EVAC Seoul
Osterloh, Dale C 1/75 79-81 & 83-87, 2nd Rgr Co/5th RTB 87-91
Oswald, Scott B/75th Rgr, 2nd Rgr Co
Otero, Lewis 9th Div Co E 75th Rangers, Co A 3rd Inf (TOG) Hq's Co AMFL, 101st Recondo school.67th Evac Hospital,Recruiting Cmd,TX State Guard,
Othic, Clay B Co 3/75th 1992-1995
Owen, James Co. D (Ranger) 151st INF
Owens, Jimmy A 2/75, 2nd RGR Co, 1st RGR Co, 1/35th INF RECON), JOINT SECURITY AREA /Korea(JSA) D 1/3 INF(THE OLD GUARD)WASH, A 1/58 INF
Paccrelli, George Passed away on January 24, 2017
Padgett, Jimmie Honorary membership. Mess SGT 5th Ranger Training Bn Apr 78 to Apr 2009
Padgett, Scott 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company, 2/75th Ranger Battalion, 75th Infantry Regiment (1988 - 1989)
Page, Jack A - 1/75 3rd squad 3rd platoon
Palmer, William 2-60 IN, 99th FSB, 119the EN Det (LWD), WAARNG 248th Spt Ctr WAARNG, 1-303d AR WAARNG, 1-161 IN WAARNG, HHC 81st Bde WAARNG
Palmer, Tim 1/32 Inf Regt 10th Mtn Div, 5th RTB
Pamplin, Steve 7th ID, 1st CAV (LRSD), 5th RTB
Pandiscia, David C co 2/75 RGR REGT. 91-94, ct-arng, AMWS- VT, Dco 3rd Bn 172rd MTN BN- VTANG
Pape, Kevin KIA on November 16, 2010, while serving with 1/75 in Konar Province, Afghanistan.
Papka, Dean B/75th Rgr, 509th, 2nd Rgr Co
Paramore, Ronald Awd RGR TAB 19 APR.1966;(SO#87-USAIC); LEGACY RANGER LRRP 1966-67 RVN; INSTR RGR DPT 1967-70;1970-71 101AMBL RVN; 1972-75 8 ABN IN; Det USA 10 SF EUR 1975-76.
Park, Frank 1/75th Rgr Regt 1992-2003, 6th RTBn 2003-2006, 5th RTBn 2012-present
Park Sr., Francis D Company 151st INF, D Company 75th, F Company 75th, All in Vietnam
Park Sr., Francis D company, 151st Infantry D company, 75th Rangers Republic of Vietnam F company, 75th Rangers
Park Sr., Francis D Co. 151, D Co. 75, F Co. 75. All in Vietnam
Park Sr., Francis D Co. 75th Rangers, Vietnam
Parker, Larry RECONDO School Fort Carson Co., F Co. 58th Infantry Jan.68-May 68, 538th Trans RVN.
Parker, Justen 3-187th IN/ 101st Airborne Division (AASLT)
Parkerton, William MRD
Parks, Darryl B Co 1/75 Rgr 80-84
Parmly, David 2/A/3-7 Cav, C/3-77 AR
Parrish, Emory Passed away on 2 December 2005 while retired in Florida
Parten, Al 1/75, 2nd Rgr Co, 2/4th Inf Recon FRG 1st Cav, 56th F.A. Bde/81Bn
Patin, Duane 10th Mtn, 5th RTBn, 3/2 Stryker BDE.
Patterson, Monty 1/75, 8th ID, 4/325, 5th RTB, 3/325, OPS GRP JRTC
Patton III, John
Pauley, Albert D Co (Ranger) 151st Inf, D Co (Ranger) 75th Inf, II Field Force
Paulin, Andrew 1/A/2-75 82-84, B/313 MI 82nd ABN DIV RECON 84-85, A/321 EN BN USAR 87-07
Paulk, Michael 1/505 82d Abn Div, 5th RTB, 75th Ranger Regt (RIP Det.), 1st SFOD-D
Paull, Joseph 5th RTBn
Payne, Ron Adv Team 75 32nd BDQ RVN 1965
Pedrick, Michael 101st Airborne Division
Peel, Edward 3/75
Peet, Roger G company 75th Airborne Ranger LRRP Vietnam INstructor @ Mountain Ranger 1970
Pegram, Bobby 2/75, 1/75
Pelphrey, Mark A 1/75 (Jan 77-Sep 79)
Pemrick, Michael 5th RTB, 1/75 RGR Bn, 75th RGR RG
Peney, Jonathan KIA, June 1, 2010, in Kandahar province, Afghanistan
Pentz, Joshua 25th, 4th RTB, 1/508TH, 173rd, 5th RTB, 5/2, 4th RTB
Periola, Irwin
Perkins, Russell C-3/75, 5th RTBn, 2nd ID, 1/5ht Inf, 101st, 1/187th Inf
Perry, Tom P Company (RGR)75th Inf (ABN) RVN
Perry, Doug MRD, 44th & 42nd BDA RVN
Perry, Jefferson 109th MI (LRS), 1/504th PIR, 3/504th PIR, 3/172nd INF (MTN), 173rd DET (LRS)
Petersen, Ralph R. B Co., 1st BN, 12th SFGA(A), C Co., 2d BN, 504th PIR, 82d ABN DIV, XVIII ABN Corps - Afghanistan, USASOC
Pettigrew, III, D. W. "Chip" 1/75 (Ranger) 1980-1982
Pfrogner, Marc 5th RTB
Phillips, Keith L Co Rangers, H Co Rangers
Phillips, Henry 325th AIR 82nd ABN, 501st PIR, 4th RTBn, 5th RTBn
Phillips, Hoyt 5th RTBn
Phipps, Jimmy B Company 1/505 PIR, 5th RTB
Pierce, Randall
Piland, Chris 5th RTbn, 2nd ID LRSD, 511th PF, 18th Abn Corp LRSD, F/51st Inf, 82nd
Pilvinsky, Michael 2/12 Cav, 1st Cav Div; 1st Sqdn 11ACR; HHT 11ACR; 4/64 Arm, 3d ID
Pittman, James I was in army 68-89. some unis assigned were 6 SFG, 5 SFG 193 rd IN Bde, MACV team 28, Vietnam, Fort Bragg, Fort Benning Canal Zone, Recruiting
Pittman, Robert KIA July 29, 2010, in Afghanistan
Pizza, Dino A-3/75, 3rd Rgr Co BRD
Plumley, Charles 2nd Ranger Company
Plutino, Alessandro KIA in Paktiya Province, Afghanistan
Polzin, Craig 2/75, 2nd Ranger Co., Passed away December 16, 2015
Poole, Michael HHC 2-504 82nd ABN, B. co 2-504 82nd ABN, HHC 5th RTB, B.co 2-23 2nd ID
Pope, Daniel E/20th Inf, C/75th Inf
Popkoski, Edward 1st Bn 94th FA 4th Armored Division
Popp, Terrence B CO 275 Dec 1988- July 1991 CO F 425 LRS 1995-2005
Porter, Philip Bco 3/75 Ranger Regt (92-94) Somalia
Porter, Robert Plt Ldr A Troop 3-7 Cav; Cdr, Co A, 2d Bn, 2ITB,
Porter, Gary D Co(Ranger)151st INF, D Co(Ranger)75th INF II Field Force
Postlethwaite, Andrew 75th Ranger Regt 3rd Batt, 1st SFG, 2nd Batt
Potocki, Gene A-1/509 ABCT, CSC 2/505 Inf 82nd, A-2/58 Inf 2nd Inf Trn Bde, B-3/75, D-LRSD 101st MI Bn 1st Inf, Gannon/Edindoro Univ
Potts, Joel 5th RTB
Powell, Les Cco 1st BN 75th RGR, 1-508(ABCT)Veceinza,Italy, Fco 51st INF LRSC, Aco 5th RTB
Powell, Steven 1st Cav; 1/5th SFG(A); E-51st Inf (LRSC); USASOC; 3/3rd SFG(A); Signal, 1st SFOD-D
Power, Guy A/2/503 (101 ABN); NTC; S5 2ID; Commander, Chejudo Training Center; S3, 17th ASG (Camp Zama Japan)
Powers, William ACO/HHC 3/21 Inf, 101st Pathfinders & 1/187 INF Scouts, 1/152 Scouts Indiana ANG, 3/21 Inf Scouts, G3 OPS 82nd ABN DIV
Pranger, Paul E co 50th infantry lrrp 3/5 cav 9th infantry divison 1967
Prater, Robert 1st Plt, A Co, 2nd Bn, 75th Inf (Ranger) Jan, 1977 to Aug, 1980
Prather, Robert Passed away June 4th, 2015
Pratt Jr. MD, Frank LRRP 196 LIB (sep) RVN 06/67-10/67..(1LT- CO) CADRE..Mountain Ranger Camp 06/68-01/70. Lane Instructor / Rgr Class Tac officer /S1/Recon Team Chief.
Price, Harvey Ray Jan 70 - Dec 71 L Co 75th Inf, Abn Rgr, (VN), Dec 71 - Mar 72 H Co 75th Inf (VN), Abn Rgr,VN
Price, Ray L/75th, H/75th, 2/1st MARDIV, 10th SFG, USACIDC, Supreme Allied Powers Europe (SHA PE), US European Command Stuggart Germany, Fitzsimmons Army edical Center
Prior, David 2nd Ranger Bn. 1978-1981
Purdy, Mark 5ht RTB
Raderstorf II, David M 2-2 IN, 5th SFG(A)
Radtke, Kurt 2/75, 3/325,1st ID LRSD, 1/508, 1/502, 1/327
Ragsdale, Daniel Mountain Ranger Division (MRD), and C Co, 5th Ranger Training Battalion (RTB)
Rakauskas, George J. 2nd BDE HHC (LRRP), 4th Inf Div & K company 75th Inf (Rangers)attached to the 4th I.D. Republic of Vietnam (RVN) APR 1969 TO FEB 1970
Rakis, Glenn Deceased - 11/28/01 at Dahlonega, GA
Ralston, Adam C co. 2/75
Ramey, Donald C co and Aco 1501/ C Co 5th RTBn, HHC 5th RTB,
Ramsey, Mike 101st, 1/75, 3/75, 5th RTBn, 2nd ID
Ranger, Mike Ranger Department 1969-70, and 1972-73
Rapp, Larry
Rawlston, James HHC 1/501, 5th RTBn
Reed, Henly
Reed, Gary A Co. 2/39th, 9th Inf Div. 1969 VietNam
Reeves, Brian US Marine Corps Ranger, 3rd Recon Bn. - III MEF, 1st Force Reconnaisance Company - I MEF, 1st Special Operations Training Group - I MEF
Regan, James J. KIA in northern Iraq in February 2004
Regan, Jim H/75th Rgr, 41st Vietnamese Rgr, MRD
Reilly, Charles Ranger School graduate, August 1970. "L" Company Rangers 2/17th Cavalry, 75th Infantry, 101st Airborne (Oct. 1970 - July 1971) I Corps Province, Vietnam - Sergeant
Renne, Matthew 10th MTN DIV, 5th RTB
Resendez, Jose 5th RTBn
Reutebuch, Martin 5th RTBn, F/51st LRS, 3/504, JOTB, USAOC SOTSE Panama
Reyes, Ellis 2nd Platoon A Company 2/75 Rangers
Reyes-Rivera, David 92 Inf Bde 1977, 1/509 ABCT 1980, 1/504 ABN 1982, 1/505 ABN 1983, 1/22 Inf 1986, 2/14 Inf 1988, 5/14 Inf 1990, USASOA ABN 1993, 1/29 Inf 1995, 121 Inf LRSC ABN 1996, Co. A 221 MI 1999, HHC 221 2001, MNSTC-I 2005, SOCCE-HOA 2006, CFSOCC 2007, SOCCE-Pak 2008, SOCCENT 2009-2013.
Reynolds, Dante 5th RTB, E/51st LRS,
Rhame, Walter 1st RANGER Bn 75th Inf
Rhodes, Dan 2/75, 1/75, E/51st Inf LRS, 5th RTBn
Rice, Roy 28 years USN, Associate member sponsored by Doug Perry
Rickards, James 4thRTB, 28th In
Rierson, Matt KIA October 6, 1993, Mogadishu, Somalia
Riffle, Scottie Camp Merrill
Rimmington, Jeremy C co. 508th abn(panama 89)- D co. 104th MI LRS(colorado 90-92)- E co. 51st inf abn LRS(germany 92-95)
Riordon, Joe E 2/1 Recon Snipers, 196 Bde. Americal Div. I Corp
Riotte, J. 1-504/82nd, Recondo School Instructor E-51st, LRSC, Darmstadt Germany 10th MTN (L), G-3
Ripley, John Passed away October 28, 2008
Ritthaler, David
Roach, James Stevens 101st Airborne Division, Viet Nam (1967-68 / 69-70), Ranger Department (1971-75), Special Forces Detachment Europe (1977-80), Mil Group, El Salvador (1984-86), 1st Special Forces Group (1986-88), SANV (1989-90) Special Warfare Center & School (1992-93), 7th Special Forces Group (1993-95)
Roach, Joseph 187th ARCT Korea, 173rd Vietnam
Roberts, Gary D-75
Roberts, Bill 82dABN,129th Main Support Company, 578th Ordnance Co. (GMGS Pershing),USArmy Missile Cmd, American Embassy Kuwait,C&GSC,13th Support Cmd,70th Ordnance Btln, Recruiting Btln Syracuse NY,Army War College, DCSOPS&Plans Pentagon,DCD Ordnance Corps, Mainz Army Depot.
Roberts, Jerry HHC 1/509 Abn Recon, 5th SF, C.co 75th Rangers, B.co 75th Rangers, Mountain Ranger Camp, B.co 2/75 RGR Bn.
Roberts, Dale 1/325 AIR, 5th RTBn, 1-22nd FA
Roberts, Dale 1-325 82nd ABN Div, 5th RTB, 1-68 AR 4th ID, 18th Abn Corps, 1-22 FA BCT ATC Fort Sill, 8th Army HQ's Yongsan South Korea
Roberts, Gordon 101st Abn, 173 Abn, 509 Abn, USMRC, PCT/SFM
Robinson, Don 1/320th Field Arty 82d Abn Div, 213th ASHC Phu Loi RVN, 2/1 Field Arty 214 FA Grp, 180th Avn Co (ASH) FRG
Robinson, Michael C 1/75
Rockhold, Jason I was in the RSE Platoon as a OpFor Team Leader and competed in the 2001 best ranger competition with Captain Bachelor. I was stationed there from 01-1998 to 07-2001.
Rodarte, James Passed away on 22 February 2018 in Greensboro, North Carolina
Roderick, Terry Co. P (RANGER) 75th Inf., 1st Bde., 5th Inf. Div (Mech) RVN 1969-70 Past President, 75th Ranger Regiment Association 1998-2000
Rodriguez, George A Co 2/75 2/76-2/80; 5th RTB
Rogers, John 2/325 AIR, 506 IN RGT, XVIII ABN Corps, First Army, Third Army, USEUCOM, Combined Army Center (ArmyU)
Rogers, James M. Killed on August 4, 1999 in a helicopter crash in Kentucky
Rogers, Jack Instructor, Mountain Ranger Camp, July 1968-June, 1970
Rogers, Tom 3-325 ABCT '91-'94
Rogers, Douglas D Co, 104th MI (LRSD), 2/504 PIR 82nd ABN, 1st SFG (A), 96th CA BN, 1st SWTG(A)
Rogers, John F Co. 2/82 AVN (Pathfinders), 5th RTB
Rollins, Calvin E Co (LRP) 20th INF ABN, B Co Omega Recon, RVN 66-68, Secretary, Echo-Charlie Rangers, Inc., 75Th RRA LM#2189
Rollison, Rembert Died October 4, 2000, in Gainsville, GA
Rosborough, Joshua 2-7IN 3ID, 1-4IN CMTC, 4-23IN 2-2ID,2-357IN OCT, DAS Freetown SLE
Rose, Edward 82nd,Abn.Div., E.CO./1/187/ECO.1/504//7th ID, A.TRP/B.TRP.2/10thCAV.,101st Abn.Div.2/17th Cav.SQD.HQ.
Rose, Christopher 2/327inf Scout Plt/ 101stABN
Rosentreter, Vic Charlie Rangers,4/23 Abn Inf, Mountain Ranger Camp, 1/21 Inf., B 1/75, A 1/75, 3/327 Inf
Rosini, David E Trp 1/9 Cav LRS, C,B,& HHC 2/75, D-4/23,CSC 2/60, 5TH RTB, BAT-D 102 MI, B,A,& HHC 5/20
Ross, Mickey LRSD 125th MI BN 25th ID, C Co 3/75th Rgr BN , C Co 2/325 AIR 82nd ABN DIV, B Co 4/325 AIR 82nd ABN DIV, HRC Ranger Assignments NCOIC
Ross, Michael 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
Ross, Charles
Rossetti (Ross), Mark 1BN, 26th INF
Rosso, Phil 5th RTBn
Rosson, Bryan 311th MI BN, 2-187 Inf, 3/75 RBN, FCo 51st RRC
Rothrock, Peter A Co. 75th Ranger
Rothwell Sr., David L Company Rangers 101st Airborne Vietnam 70-71
Roukas, Nicholas 151 IN DET (LRS), C Co. 2/152 LRS
Ruiz, Adam 3/75
Runyon, Derek 5th RTBn
Rupe, Charles Co L, 75th Inf, 101st Abn Div 1970-71
Rush, Gerry 203 MI Det Country Studies/Operservation Team Leader. Ft. Hood Texas
Ryan, James 5th RTBn, 6th ID
Sager, Cecil 1/75 74-78 2nd Ranger Company 81-84
Salome, James R. 82nd, 173rd, 5th RTB
Samples, Ryan 1-87 IN 1/10 MTN, BSTB 1/10 MTN, 1-71 CAV 1/10 MTN, JFHQ-TX TX National Guard
Sanchez, Ricardo 5th RTBn
Sanchez, Robert KIA in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan on October 1, 2009
Sanchez, Henry 5th RTB, 82nd
Sanders, Mike Killed during a mass tactical airborne operation with 1/75 in 1980
Sanders, Lucas Aco 2/325th A.I.R. 82nd ABN DIV (TF20)
Sanderson, Kevin 143rd Inf (RGR), TxARNG, A-2/20th SFGA, JSOC
Sank, Jared C-TRP 1-73RSTA, 5th RTB, C-Co 1-38LRS
Santini, David Ranger Dept, Ft. Benning 78-84, 3rd Ranger Bn 84-86
Santos, Victor 1st ID: 2-2 INF, 1-16 INF, 2-70 CAB, 1-63 CAB, 1-26 INF, 5th RTB
Sapp, David 8th Inf Div, 101st, E co 51st (Germany), 82d Air Div, 5th RTB, 1st Armor Div, FORSCOM IG
Sauerwine, Jeff B-5th RTB '94-'97 A-1/75 '87-'93
Sawtelle, Paul KIA on 16 April 1971, while leading a combat patrol in the infamous AshauValley located in Thua Thien Province Northern I Corps, Republic of Vietnam
Sayles, Soup 2/75, 1/509th, 1st SFOD-D, 7th ID LRSD, 5th RTBn
Scales, Steve F co 51st LRSC INF 89-90 "Desert Storm" Eco 51st INF LRSC 90-93, F co 51st IIN LRSC 93-99, Aco 4th RTB 99-01 Ranger Instructor
Schaill, Emmett 2ID, 5th RTB, 1st CAV, 25th ID
Schantz, Dennis 5th RTBn
Schaub, Jerome C-1/75th 75-77
Schlitz, Michael 4th RTBn Jan 02-Jan 06
Schmidt, Jonathan 1/7th Field Artillery Germany
Scholes, Ed C/1Inf 2nd Div, 10th SFGA, D/2Bn 8th CAV, I Corps Rgr Adv - Vietnam, Pentagon, Army Rep - Quantico, 1/23rd 2nd Div, Cdr IOBC, XVIIIth Abn Corps G-3, 1St Inf Trn Brg, 3rd Army, 82nd , Joint TF South, Cdr Land Forces SE-NATO-Turkey
Schuetze, Raymond 2nd AD,10thInf,508thInf,516TAW,8thInf(M)VN 4thID, DSA 2nd Rngr Grp (VN) XO,CO Mtn Rngr Camp 71-78
Schuetze, Richard B/2/17 Inf(A), Alaska, ODA 355 (Scuba), FOB 37, J2X SOCOM (Afghanistan)
Schuler, Kurt C Co 2/75 Special Forces Det.Europe PCT CFM 10th Mtn Div
Schultz, Wilfred 1st Ranger Battalion, Eglin AFB
Schwarzer, Travis FORECON-Team Leader; 2 Force Recon(USMC)84-87; SOTG(Special Operations Training Group-(Riverine); LRSLC-89; RCT-6. Served with 1/75 RRC/OJC-1989
Schwebach, Jim
Scott, Steve 1/75th Co C
Scruggs, Fred Ranger student Sep-Dec 1965, 1/35 Inf 25 ID 1966, Instructor Mountain Ranger Camp 1967-68
Sears, William HHC-1-75, C-1-75, A-2-75
Sears, Gregg 101st Abn Div (Air Assault); USASOC; 82nd Airborne Division; USARCENT
Seau, Riley 2-327INF 101st (AASLT), 1-17INF 172ND BDE, 1-21INF 25THID (L), C Co. 2-1INF 172ND (Stryker Brigage Combat Team)Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, 5TH RTB
Senor, John 1st Cav. Divison (AM), MAC-V, 1st Inf. Div
Shaefer, Gary Cdr, RICA Southern Region
Shalikashvili, Othar 504 PIR; 17th Inf; 7th SF Gp; 2/502 Inf; Mtn Ranger Camp;3/506 Inf;1/502 Inf; 10th SF Gp
Shaw, Charles 2/504, 82 ABD FT Bragg; 43rd Bn BDQ RVN, USATC FT Polk; 4/39 IN, 9th ID RVN; JUSMAGTHAI, Thailand; HQ XVIII ABC & USASOC, FT Bragg; JUSMAGTHAI, Thailand; USCENTCOM
Sheldon, Matthew 3rd Infantry Division
Shelley, Gilmore Died in 1974, in Dahlonega, GA
Shepherd, Gerald
Sheppard, Jimmy December 1970 to October 1971 served with Lima Company Rangers in Vietnam. Awarded CIB.
Sherwood, Aric C/3/75 from 92-95
Shipp, Bradley 1/75th, 1/509th, 3rd Rgr Co., E Co 51st LRRC, 10th Mtn, JRTC
Shook, Tommy Co B, 1st BN 75th Ranger
Shughart, Randall KIA October 3, 1993, Mogadishu, Somalia
Shurson, Owen HQ, Co C, 2nd BN (Ranger) 75th Inf 1976-1978
Shuster, Douglas B.co 1/75, C.co 2/19th SFG, 1st SWTB, C.co 3/20th SFG
Siebrase, Tim 9th LID, 5 years active, 16 + reserve service
Sieck, Duane B Co 5th RTB USMC RI
Silsby, Jason 2nd ID, 101st, 5th RTB, 172nd, JRTC, 10th Mtn
Simmons, Troy Bco. 1st Battalion Ranger
Simmons, Chris N-75th Rgr. 173d ABN.BDE
Simonetti, Steven 3/75, 2nd Rgr Co
Singletary, Earl MRD, 30th/33rd/38th Vietnamese Rgr
Sisk, William Went to Ranger school in summer of 1970 and went to Inf BN in Germany. Retired out of the National Gard of Tn
Sisk Jr., Jimmie Bco 2/75, HHC 3/21 Recon Plt 25th ID, Bco 5th RTB, Cco 1/9 7th ID, HHC 1/5 Scouts, Bco 4th RTB, TRADOC TIE-Lewis
Sitton, Matthew KIA in Afghanistan
Skelton, Paul 75th CSH
Skinner, William A 1/75
Slack, Brian A/6th EN BN, 6ID, A/70th EN BN, 3BCT, 1AD, OPS GRP, JRTC, 1/25th SBCT
Slater, Stephen KIA in Grenada 27 October 1983
Slaughenhaupt, Karl 2-502/101st, 5/2ID SBCT, 5/20 IN/2ID, 1-9 CAV, 2-5 CAV/1st CAV DIV
Sloan, Oliver B 2-75; 1/187 Panama; 525 MI BDE (Ft. Bragg); 10th Mtn Div; 3-325 (Vicenza, Italy); Army JSTARS
Smallwood, Robert A 2/75, 5TH RTB, 5/87, JRTC, F/51 LRSC
Smith, Robert 5th RTBn
Smith, Andrew Charlie Company and Alpha Company 5th RTB
Smith, Scott 1-8 Inf, 87th Maint Bn, 85th Div (TS), 6th Bde, Cadet Command (ROTC)
Smith, Mike Died February 16, 1999, in Dahlonega, GA
Smith, Joseph E Special Forces
Smith, Gerald 2/505 PIR,
Smith, Bradley 82nd Abn, 3ID, 1ID
Smith, Jerry A co. 2/75 Ranger Bn. 1980-1982
Smith, Paul 2/506 Inf, 101st; Div arty, 82nd; MACV RVN; instructor MRC 70-71; 1/506 Inf, 101st; 32nd ADA; USACEEIA.
Smith, Richard 2/75
Smith, Patrick 2/504, 7th RTBn, 18th Abn Corps LRSC, F/51st LRSC, 5th RTBn, 3/187th Inf
Smith, Larry C. Company P RANGERS 75th INFANTRY AIRBORNE
Smith, Logan C-2/75, B-3/12 SFG
Smith, Kenneth 2Bn 12Cav/1Bn 12Cav/2Bn 134In/1Bn 635AR
Smith, James L. KIA in 15 February 1971 near Roung Roung Valley about 30 miles southwest of Camp Eagle, located in northern I Corps, Republic of Vietnam
Smith, Steven 4th Btl, 1 SWTG (A)
Smith, Paul MRD '70-'71
Smith, Thomas 1/319 Arty, 82d ABN, 50th Signal Bn, 269th Combat Aviation Bn, 358th CA BDE, 157th Support Bn
Snider, Nicholas 2-11 IN
Snider, Dave 1-36 IN, 5-18th, 5th RTBn, 10th SFG(A), SOCEUR, USSOCOM
Snow, Willie 1/325 82Abn, 2/502 101Abn, 2/503Abn 173ABN, RTB 67/70 & 71/74.
Soboul, Randall 1-5 IN, 25th ID, 1-505 PIR, 82nd ABN Div, 1-9 INF (Mech) MANCHU
Solis, Luis B. Co 3rd rGR BN, A. Co 3rd RGR BN, Ranger Career Advisor
Sonnier, Raymond J. Echo 50th LRRP's & Echo 75th Rangers
Sorensen, Gary
Sosebee, Steve 101st(73-74),1/75(74-76,90-94),25IN(83-86),MRC(86-90),ERAU(94-97),1AD(97-00),82nd(00-03), retired(03)
Southworth, Jared 2/130TH INF. REG HHC RECON PLT.
Soutter, Stacy Jan 2003- Aug 2005: 2nd BN, 187th Infantry Regt, Aug 2005 - Dec 2006: 3rd BN, 187th Infantry Regt, May 2007 - Present: 6th SQDN, 4th CAV (RSTA)
Sparks, Len 1/23 Inf 9th ID, AMU, 2/23 Inf 2nd ID, 1/10 Inf 4th ID , 197 Inf Bde.
Sparks, Joseph
Sparks, Scott A/1/32nd Inf, A/10th Signal Bn 10th Mtn Div
Speaker, Harry "Chip" A/2-325, 82nd ABn; Ass't Bn Advisor, 21st VN Ranger Bn, RVN 68-69; Instructor, Mtn Rgr Camp-July 69-Nov70; CO D/ 2-327, 101st Abn Div, RVN,72
Spearman Jr., Gordon K. KIA on March 10, 1971, Vietnam
Speelberg, Jerry 173rd Abn, N/75
Speicher, James C CO 1/29 (ABN-RGR) C 1/327 101ST, B 501ST AVN BN 1ST AD, C TRP 2/17 CAV 101ST, 311 MI BN, 101ST, 470TH MI BDE, USAFSC INSCOM.
Spence, Stephen Cadre, Mountain Ranger Camp, 1967-1968
Spencer, Gene Died in Dahlonega, GA on 2 October 1992
Spies, Bill 29th, 69th, 1st, & 7th ID; 101ST Abn, MACV, & 1st Force Recon BN 3RD MAF-1966, BRD 63-64 & 73-78, Abn Dept 62-63
Squires, Guy B/5th RTBn
Squires, Jim 501st Recon Korea
Stacey, Lee A co 1/75 1986-1989
Stafford, Donald
Stafford, Don Passed away in 2007 in Dahlonega, GA
Staggs, Bryan 1/75
Stahl, George 2/75, 2nd ID, 5th RTB
Stannard, Dale B Co 75th Rangers Ft. Carson and Fort Lewis, Mountain Ranger Camp Instructor
Stanwood, David A co 2/75 (Bad Muthers) B co 3/75
Staschak, William HHC 75thRGR REGT
Staugler, Joshua 5th RTB
Stauss, Ken Killed in a training accident on October 29, 2002, near Salt Lake City, Utah
Steele, James F/75 and K/75th Rangers, 3rdBde TF 25th ID Pleiku 65-67 Vietnam
Stegall, Patrick P/75 and A/75
Steinberg, Noah Physician Assistant for 5th RTB, Camp Merrill
Stephens, Ryan 2008-Present Aco 1/20th SFG 2114, 2001-2008 Hco 121 LRS GANG
Stetson, Rick E Company 75th Rangers
Stevens, Christian 2nd place with my buddy in the 2001 Best Ranger Competition
Stevens, Robert 12th Special Forces Gp/Special Operations Task Force Europe
Stevens, Jared 2/22nd Inf, 110th MI Bn, 19th TAACOM, HHC 5th RTB
Stevenson, Joseph 82d Airborne, MACV, Mountain Ranger Camp 12/70-2/72
Stevenson, Michael A Co. 1/75 HAAF, 3rd ID. Germany
Stewart, Jeffrey Co H 121 INF
Stewart, Thomas 1/504 PIR 82d Abn Div, 2/9 Inf, 6th RTB, I Corps, Fort Lewis, HQ USARPAC
Stewart, Bryan 2nd ID, 5th Special Forces Group, 82nd Airborne Division, 18th Airborne Corps, US Army Special Forces Command
Stewart, John
Stinchcomb, W.L. 25th ID Vietnam
Stipe, Gary
Stoffel, Austin 5th RTBn, 3/504
Stoltz, Donald 1/75 C Co
Stoltz, Donald 1/75 C Co
Stone, Jordan 151st INF Det. (LRS) (Airborne) Indiana Army National Guard
Stout, Audie 10th Mtn Div, 5th RTBn
Stover, Scott 5th RTBn
Street, Herman 1/75, 5th RTBn
Strickland, Skip C 1/75, C 4th RTBn, C TFD-Dougway PG, C 7th RTBn, RIP 75th RGR REGT, A 5th RTBn, Ret 2000, Recall 2005, SOCCENT-Afghanistan.
Stuckey, Fred Co F 75th Rangers (RVN) Jan 69- Jul 70
Suarez, Kenneth RC 05-00; A/1/502, 101st Abn 97-98; B/1/501, 172 SIB 98-01; B/2/3, 2ID 01-02; A/3/187, 101st Abn 02-04 (OEF1/OIF1)
Suchke, Robert C-1/508, 82nd, D-2/17 Cav 101st, L-75th Rgr 101st RVN, 2nd Rgr Co, 1/14th Inf, 25th Inf, 98 Div, JFKSWC, 5th SFGA, 1st SFGA, US Army Spec Ops Agency-Pentagon
Summers, Michael 62nd Engineer Bn, Fort Hood, TX
Sundin, Eric M. 82nd Airborne Division (72-74), 2nd Infantry Division (74-76), 10th Special forces Group (76-79), 1st Infantry Division (FWD)(79-81)
Sutley, Kurtis 3rdTFS, 36th TFS, 20 TFTS, 3rd Rgr Btn, 94th TFS, 3/24 ID (Mech)
Sutton, Alan
Swain II, Timothy B/2/502 Infantry (Airborne), 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Div; Hqs (S-1)2/502; Hqs (S-2),1st Brigade, 101st; Vietnam - Hqs, 1st Brigade (Separate), 101st Airborne (Assistant S-2); Task Force Hanson, 1st Bde, 101st
Sweatte, Johnnie 4-9IN, 327IN, 2BDE-5ID, 4-6IN, Operations Group NTC, 1-11IN(SGI), 1BDE-1ID, 1-34AR, USA,Battle Command Training Program, World Class OPFOR
Swetman, Rick 3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry, Fort Lewis, WA, 2nd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division
Swierczek, Sean Aco 3/75 Ranger Regiment
Tacdol, Edward Cco 1/35, Aco 2/75, Aco 3/47, Cco 5/87, Eco 4th RTB, Bco 1/47, HHC 1/505,
Tambling, David Instructor MRC 64-66, C.O. A/1/327 PIR 66-67 Vietnam, MACV II Corp 68-69
Tanne, Jeanette 6th Calvary, stationed mainly overseas near China. Served 7 years in covert missions.
Taring, Udo N-75th Rgr. 173d ABN.BDE.RVN.1970-71, FRC. Eglin AFB. 1969-70, MRC. Dahlonaga 1972-1977
Tatum, Ken Eco Recon 1-12th Cav,1st Air Cavalry RVN
Taveras, Jose 2/325 AIR, 5th RTB, 6th RTB
Taylor, Eli Fatally injured in a car accident on August 22, 2015.
Teeples, Thomas 1st Bde. Lrrps, 4th ID K Co. 75th Rangers 1969-1970
Tegtmeier, Brandon 5th RTB
Templeman, Terry Distinguished Graduate Class 8/69, 2/321 Arty 3 Bde 82nd Airborne Divisiob 1969 Republic of Viet Nam, C Company 1/505 3Bde 82 Airborne Division Republic of Viet Nam, 1/321 Arty 2 Bde 101st Airborne Division 1969/1970/1971 Republic of Viet Nam, B Company 2/501 3rd Bde 101st Airborne Division 1969/1970 Republic of Viet Nam
Teodosio, Rodolfo A. N-75 1970-71, C 2-75 1978-80
Terrell III, Thompson Passed away on September 6, 2011, in Blue Ridge, GA
Tessensohn, Ronald E/75th Ranger 9th ID
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Test, Test
Teston, Harvey 1st Bn, 75th Rangers (81-83)
tet, test
Tharpe, Billy A trp 1/17 CAV 82nd ABN DIV, F co 51st INF (LRS)(ABN), A co 1/325 82nd ABN DIV, B co 3/504 82nd ABN DIV, HHC 82nd ABN Div
Thomas, Brandon 3-8CAB, 3BDE, 1CD
Thomas, Charles Mountain Ranger Camp 75-79
Thomas, Charles 4th AR, 7th SFG, 1st Inf, F Co 75th Ranger, 10th SFG, 11th SFG
Thompson, Marc Co. B (Ranger) 75th Inf (Airborne)- 1972-1974, Co. B, 1st Battalion, 75th Inf. 1974-1975
Thompson, Henry (Dick)
Thompson, Mike 3/75, 75th RGRg, 5th RTBn
Thompson, Wendell Passed away on August 13, 2014 at his home in Dahlonega, Georgia
Thorne, Gregory 2/75 RGR, F Co 51st INF (LRSC), 5th RTB, E Co 14th MI (LRSC), 1&2 BN 87th INF 10th Mtn Div
Thornton, Randolph 3/502Inf. 101st, 3/75, 5th RTB, 1/75, ROTC VMI
Thornton, Micheal 1 ID, 5th RTB
Thrasher, Jack Class 6-70 Honor graduate; A/2/325 82nd Abn; A/1/503 & D/4/503 173rd Abn RVN; Instructor MRC 71-72; Sr Advisor 22nd Viet Rgr Bn RVN.
Throckmorton, Ted Hq & Hq Co. 1st ABG 327th Inf Recon
Tibben, Ryan 151st INF Det (LRS), 2-152 C Co. (LRS)
Tillis, Nathan (Andy) A Co. 2/75, 2/47 Scout, 9th ID Scout, 11 SFG
Tilson, Mike Co A 1/175th, 2nd Ranger Company
Tilson, Ted 2/506 PIR, 5th RTBn, P/75th Rgr, A/75th Rgr
Tilson, Donald 1/75 Ranger Bat 1-79 to 6-80, 5/75 Ranger TNG 8-80 to 7-83, UASIC-J Sactom-Ranger Japan, 228th Satcom-Ranger Desert Storm (USAF), 278th Air-Cav Ranger Kosovo
Tinoco, Eduardo 3/75, 6th RTBn
Tisserand, Mitchell 1/75 Rgr 02-06, 5th Rtb 06-present
Todd, Bobb 7th SFG, JFK Center Special Warfare, 20th SF Grp
Toenings, John B Co 502 101st Abn Battle Group 60-63
Tomlin, Martin L Co. 75th RGR RVN D Trp. 2/75th INF RVN, Died May 7, 2009
Tompkins, Douglas A co 1/75
Tompkins, John A-1/75, 5th RTBn, 4th RTBn
Tompkins, Frederick P. Co 75th Infantry Feb and March 1971 Quangtri RVN
Tomsen, Chris
Toney III, John Bco Cco 1/75 MTN Cco 10th Mtn
Toriseva, Paul 10th Mountain Division
Torres, Antonio 648th ENG BN, FT STEWART, 5th RTB, Dahlonega, E-51st INF LRS, (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
Toschik, Mark KIA August 11, 1970, Dinh Tuong Province in the Republic of South Vietnam
Towner, Richard B Co, 5th RTB, A Co + HHC, 2-3 IN (SBCT), USACAPOC (PSYOP + CA - Various Units), 343 MED DET (Air)
Trainer, Stephen D Co 312th LRSD 1st Cav,Eco 4th RTB
Trevena, Nicholas 2-69 AR 3BCT, 3ID, HHC 3BCT 3ID, HHC 1BCT 82ABN
Trimborn, Stephen 1-5 Cav, 187IN 3d Bde, 101st ABN DIV
Trompler, Dale 2 ACR, 2 AD
Trujillo, Stephen 1st platoon, Company A, 2/75, ODA 151, Co B, 2d Battalion, 1SFGA, USAJFKSWSC
Tullin III, Ed 612th qm (AIREAL DILVERY) Aco 1/75th,LRSD 125 MI 25TH INF,SCOUTS HHC1/21 25ID
Turkal, John TPD 940(Ranger) B CO 9POB (A)
Turner, J.P. A co, 2/75th Rngr Bn (may 83 - feb 85) HHC, 2/75 Rngr Bn (feb 83 - may 85)
Turner, Christopher 3-21 IN, 1/25 IN, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment (Baghdad/Baqubah OIF 07-09)
Turner, Jim 5th RTB 90-93 USMC/RI
Turner, Robert (Tex)
Turner, Thomas Co B Ranger 75th Inf, Ft. carson, colo, & ft. lewis, Wash and 1st ranger battalion, ft stewart, ga
Turner, Joseph 2-505 PIR, 29th INF, 2ID, 3-14 INF, 4-31 INF, 5th RTB
Twigg, Eric 24th INF, F.Co 51st LRSU Airborne Germany Gulf WAR, 372 MP Col, B 1/502 101st Airborne, D. Co 1/46 Drill Sergeant, 75th Ranger RA Inc#2638, Long Range Reconaissance Assoc.#M0677, USADSA#M-00176
Twohig, Brian A Co, 1st Bn, 75 RGR Rgt. June 84 to Feb 87
Underwood, Robert 1-325th AIR, 3-325th ABCT, 2-22 IN, 2-357th IN, 5th RTB
Unger, Thomas
Unlaub, Carl MRD
Urig, Michael Charlie Company, 1/75th, Ft Stewart, GA, 78-79
Urquhart, Kenneth USMC, 5th RTB C Co
Usie, Clay 75th Ranger Regiment 2/75 Ranger Bn HHC, 75th Ranger Regiment RSTB, RCC
Utley, Keith
Valentine, Landon C-3/7 SFG, HHC 3/75, 5th RTB
Valentine, McDonald Univ Tenn, 52nd & 31st Rgr Vietnam
Vance, Mark 2/75 Ranger, 2/47 9th ID, NCOIC Mt. Warfare Training Center - HCMTC, Drill Sgt. 104th Training Div., attached 1st CAV
Vandersommen, Timothy
VanderSteen, Kurt A 1/75, B 1/509, 24th ID; 1st Cav; 1st ID; 10th MTN
VanLaningham, Damien 3rd BN, 75th Ranger Regiment, STB, 75th Ranger Regiment, HQ, 75th Ranger Regiment, 5th RTB
Veitch, James Mountain Ranger Camp (Dahlonega) LI from late 1968 till early 1969
Verga, Charles co c2/327 1st bde 101st abn div rvn jul 66 -jun 67; MTN RGR CAMP Jul 67 jun 69;Co D 1/28 Inf !st Div RVN Aug69 - Jun70, 82 abn div 71-74.
Vialpando, Robert Fort Carson Colorado-recondo school Camp Red Devil-September 69 to April 1970.
Vican, Brice 2/75, 11th SFGA, 20th SFGA
Vick, Michael 173D Abn Bde, The Old Guard, USASMA,(SS&F CO), 2D Ranger Co(Patrolling)
Vickery, John Scouts HHC / 2-327 IN, 1 BCT 101st Airborne Div (AASLT)
Vierra, Alan Camp Frank D. Merrill 75 - 79, 1st Ranger Battalion 87 - 88
Viers, Raymond MRD, BRD
Villanueva, Raul C Company HHC 2nd Ranger Bn, C Company, 3rd Ranger Bn, HHC Scouts 4-87th Catamount, A Company 5th RTB, C Company 505 PIR 82nd, Retired
Villarosa, Paul KIA on Jan 4, 1968 in Laos
Vogt, Tobias 7th SFG, 4th RTBn, 5th RTBn, SOCCENT
Vorhee, Paul Honorary Member
Vozza, Tony C/3/75 1987-1988
Wade, Mark 2-27 IN, 25th ID (L), 5th RTBn
Wadsworth, Michael C/1-75, RTB
Wafler, Mark 3d Ranger Company 1976 - 1979 Cp Darby, 3d Ranger Company 1980 - 1985 Cp Darby, 4th RTB/RTB Hqs 1990 - 1994
Wagers, Steven 2/1CAV, 1SFG(A)
Wagers, Michael Ranger Department ,TSB, Ft. Benning Ga. 01-70 to 01-73, C Co Rangers 29th Inf 01-73 to 03-74, C/1/75 03-74 to 12-75, Cdr RIP DET 75th Inf RGR Rgt 84-86
Wages, Robert 82nd, 2/503rd, 173rd, MRD
Walburg, Robert C/75, 1/75, 2nd Rgr Co, 5th RTBn, 2/9, 1/5, 503rd PFDR
Walburn, Mike 10th Mtn(86-93); JRTC(93-94); 101St(94-97)
Walker, Darol 1SG of F/58 LRP '68-69
Walker, David 1/101 LPRP, F/58 LRP, L/75 Ranger, N/75 Ranger (173 Abn Bde-Vietnam)
Walker, Matthew 4/54th Inf, 3/21st Inf, 3/75th RGR, RRD RHQ, 2/75th RGR, HQ RTB, HQ USAIS
Wallace, Daniel 2/325, 1/508, 5th RTB, 1/508, 6th RTB, 1/502, MSU ROTC, 1/187
Wallace, Jason C Co. 2/22 Inf 10th Mtn Div, LRSD 10th Mt
Walters, Jeffrey 3/75, 5th RTBn
Wandke, Richard Ranger School 1963, 43rd Ranger BN VN 1965-1966, Mountain Ranger Camp 1970-1971, Ranger Dept 1971-1972, Ranger High Command Vietnam 1972-1973
Ward, Wayne 197th, 25th ID, 101st, 5th RTBn
Ward, Peter 1/327 ABG 101st Abn Div [61-63], 1/503 173rd Abn Bde (Sep) [Okinawa 64-65], HICOM/CG USARYIS/IX Corps[Okinawa 65-66], C/1/503 173rd Abn Bde (Sep) [RVN 66], S3Air 173rd Abn Bde (Sep) [RVN 67:Jump], 2/12 1st Cav Div [RVN 70-71], MACV [RVN 71], USMA (Soc Sci) [71-74]
Warner, Jason 2/325 AIR, 82nd Airborne, 5th RTB
Warnock, Marc 3rd ID, 1st 2nd and 3rd 320th FA, Bco 1/501st PIR 3/3 ACR C Co 2/14th Inf 10th mtn div
Warren, Kevin 1-325 AIR, Echo-52nd LRSC, 5th RTB, 4th BCT(ABN)-25th ID
Waters, James Passed away on January 14, 2018
Waters, Jeffrey A co 1/75, A co 1/75, C co 5th RTB, HHC 5th RTB
Watson, Michael A co. 5th RTB
Watts, Bradley D co 1/187 101 ABN 04-06, HHC 5th RTB 06-
Waynick, Justin 1-325 AIR (Recon)
Webb, Glynn 1-75, 2nd Ranger Company
Webb, John
Webb, Jeff Co. E 75th INF. (Ranger) RVN 1970
Webb, Michael 3-3, 1-10
Weber, Michael Cco 1/75 Rgr, Cco 2-152(LRS)
Weddeke, Sean 5th RTB
Wegmann, Charles 10th Mountain Division, 1/7FA FORSCOM
Weiner, Robert 2/325, 5th RTB
Weisensel, Joshua 25th ID, 82nd ARBN, 4th ID, 5th RTB
Weiss, Anthony A 2-9 Camp Casey, B 1-72 Camp Casey, D 1-26 3-1 IN, C 1-26 3-1 IN, A CO 5TH RTB
Weiss, Daniel A Company 2/75. Lost the battle with PTSD in February 2012.
Weiss, Roderick 1st Bn ABN 325 Inf, 1/187 Inf, 5/87 Inf
Welch, Christopher 5th RTB dec 05- dec-09
Welcher, Robbie 101st, 5th RTBn
Welshan, Terry 1/75 HHC and A Co. Wpns. Plt. FDC
Wengenroth, John 5TH RTB, A Co 1-18 IN, D Co. 1/9 INF, C Co. 2-2 IN, AT 2/11 ACR, HHC 1-26 IN, 1/509TH IN
West, Matthew 1-504 PIR 84-89, 5th RTB 89-92, 1-501 Airborne 93-95, 2-11 Inf 95-98, 1-509 ABN 98-02, SGM Academy 02-04, 1-30 INF 04-06, OPSGRP, JRTC 06-07, G3 SGM, SETAF 07-09
Wheeler, Mark Co B 2nd Bn Ranger 75th Inf
Wheeler, Bob 1/75, 5thRTB, 19thSFG
White, Jeff 20th SFGA, 2/503 Inf., 5th RTB
White, Harry
White, Dave
White, Jim 2/75, 3/75, MRD, BRD, 109th MI LRSU
White, Eric 1/187th, 5/87th, 10th Mtn, 4/27th, 4th Rtb, 3/187th, 5th Rtb
Whitten, Richard Deceased
Whittier, Bryan 2-14 Cav, 2 BCT, 25th ID 1-73 Cav, 2 BCT, 82nd ABN DIV 5th Ranger Training Battalion
Whittle, Al 2/8 Cav, 2/05 Abn Inf, 10th Mtn Div
Wight, D.J. 3/75, 1/75, 5th RTB
Wignall, Bob 82nd Airborne, MRC 10-1970 to 9-1972
Wilburn, Tom 1/75, 1st SFOD-D, 5th RTBn
Willard, Thomas 2d Ranger Co MRD, 1/75, 1/23rd INF 2ID, 2/75, 1/5 SFG, SOCOM
Willett, Alan C 1/75, 20th SFGA, 122 LRSU, 19th SFGA
Willette, Andrew 4th BCT 82nd Airborne Division
Williams, Brandon 82nd Airborne, 5th RTB
Williams, Bob WpnsPlt/C/2/75, 7th SFGA, 5th RTB
Williams, Matt C-3/75, Just Cause
Williams, Edward E Co 109th MI BN; 75th Inf Rgt
Williford, Randy Fatally injured in an accident in Dahlonega, Georgia, on 12 March 1987
Wills, Butch 1-5 Infantry, 25th Infantry Division
Wilson, Matt 2/75, 5TH RTB, 75TH RGR REGT.
Wilson, John 10th Mtn Div, 5th RTB
Wilson, Hoyt Passed away on October 3, 2010, at age 79
Wilson, Jerry C Co 1/75 11/82-10/84
Wilson, John T. C-1/75, FRD, 4/23ABN Alaska, 3/75, 6th RTB, 5th-SFG(Desert Shield/Storm), SOCCENT
Wilson, Jerry KIA in Iraq 2003
Wilton, Mark 2/75, 5th RTB
Wimbrough, Harry
Wimbrough, Harry 1/75, 2/75, 3/75, 101st, 25th ID
Wimmer, Michael 2nd Infantry Division, 3/7th SFGA, 85th Div MTC
Windham, Charles H Co 75th Ranger
Wingate, Scott 75TH, 5TH RTB
Winget, Bill B co 1-75th 74-77, FL Ranger Camp/ 6th RTB 77-82 & 83-87
Wolbrink, Mike 2/504 PIR, 82nd Abn Div
Wood, Gerald 3rd ranger bat company E 2nd
Wood, Jason RTB-B7
Wood, Chuck 2/75, 2nd Rgr Co, 82nd, 101st, Korea
Wood, Jeffrey Bco. 1/501 PIR, Fco 51st INF (LRSC), 5th RTB, 4-101 AVN (PFDR)
Wood III, Chuck 5th RTBn, 10th MTN, SOCCENT
Woodmansee, Rob 3AD: 1-32 Armor (later 4-67 Armor), 2AD: 3-67 Armor (Desert Storm), 49th AD: 3-144 Infantry, 4-112 Armor, 36th ID: 5-112 Armor, 1st Cav: B/DSTB (OIF)
Woodring, Steven Co C 1/29, Co C 3/503 173rd
Woodville, Tim Echo Co Recon, 5th/46, 198th, Americal, RVN
Wooley, Ronald N/75 Ranger Vietnam '70-'71
Worthy, Robert 1/75
Wray, Ronnie 3/75 - C.Co. 1/505 - 1/505 HQ
Wright, Gordon 7th SFGA, 11th SFGA
Yarbrough, Clifford 1/46 ADA, 1/65 ADA, 3/5, 11th Aviation, 1/23 ADA, 3rd Bn 3rd Group(ABN), SOCCENT
Yates, Taft A,B,C 2/75, Eco 51st INF, JRTC,4th RTB
Yazzie, Alexander 2-27IN Schofield Brks. HI, 1-509PIR Ft. Polk, LA, 4TH RTB Ft. Benning, GA, 1-30TH IN, Ft. Benning, GA, 5TH RTB, Camp Frank D. Merrill May 2006 thru May 2009, MiTT, Ft. Riley, KS, 2-18IN Baumholder Germany, 1-40FA BN Basic Training Battalion
Yeisley, Vivian Co E(LRP) 30th Inf, Ft Rucker, AL; Co F, 50th Inf, 25th Inf Div, Vietnam; Bn Adv, MACV, Vietnam
Yon, Moose Died 20 May 1993
York, Kenneth 1/75, 08/74-06/77
Yost, Ricky 3d ACR, 1-7 Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division
Youhouse, John Co A 1/75, Co B 2/75, 3rd US Infantry, ODA 523 5th SFG (Abn),Lt Inf. TAFT Mogadishu, Somolia, SOCCENT
Young, Mike
Young, John 2-35 AR 4th ID, 3-68 AR 4th ID, 1st Bde 1st Cav
Zayas, Robert 5th RTBn
Zeidler, Michael 82d ABN, USASOC, 6th ID LRSD, 25th ID, 6th Ranger, 5th Ranger, 173d ABN
Zeller, Al 2/12 1st Cav 65-66 Vietnam, Trp D 10th Cav (Rcn)
Zuluaga, John 82nd ABN, 10th MTN, 78th DIV (USAR), 75th TNG DIV (USAR)

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