The US Mountain Ranger Association is proud to announce that beginning in 2006, the USMRA will be the Charter Organization for Boy Scout Troop 36 "Recondo," of Dahlonega, GA. This was approved by a unanimous vote at the 1 December 2005, general membership meeting.

Until recently, Troop 36 has been chartered by CFM and the 5th RTBn. Unfortunately, The Boy Scouts of America is currently removing the charters of thousands of scouting units from public schools and Government sponsored organizations in an effort to spare them from lawsuits threatened by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Since the early 80's Troop 36 has supported Rangers and families by providing leadership and activities for its youth, as well as supporting the local community. The Troop was formed by, then-Scoutmaster, Ranger Mike Smith and was given the nickname "Recondo."

Since that time, several Rangers and USMRA members have served as the Troop's Scoutmaster, some of these include: MSG (Ret) Mike Smith, LTC (Ret) Robert Suchke, CSM Byron Barron, and 1SG (Ret) David O'Rear.

Weekly meetings are held every Monday night at 1830 at the American Legion Hall in Dahlonega.

Families interested in joining Troop 36 please contact 1SG (Ret) David C. O'Rear, 706-864-3327, ext 230, or visit the Troop's website:


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