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Posted: 2/27/2017
Name: Brian Cunningham
Message: Planning Bay Honorees for 2017

RGR Buck Ferrand 77

RGR Doug Langston 78

RGR Joe Nowak 78

RGR Kevin Connell 78

RGR Frank Flores 78

RGR Glynn Webb 78

Signs will be presented at the Open House on 22 April. Honorees: Please prepare a brief bio which will be posted along with your sign. Thank you.

Posted: 2/27/2017
Name: Laura Armstrong
Message: Good afternoon ALCON, To answer some questions that have come up.. Yes the Camp Merrill PX will be open on 21 and 22 April 2017 from 0800-1600 during the open house. We will have lots of Shirts, hats, coins, decals, license plates and covers, flags, children items and much more. We will also be selling many types of fresh sandwiches, Wraps and Salads along with many other consumable items to choose from. We look forwarding to seeing everyone. Thanks for your continued support Laura A. Armstrong Store Manager Fort Gordon/Dobbins ARB/Camp Merrill Exchange Army Air Force Exchange Service STORE (706) 864-3773 CELL (845) 313-4400 Visit our online store at

Posted: 2/24/2017
Name: Mike Keohane
Message: Hey, Jim Regan : I will be arriving a day early for the Fish Fry & Critter Cook Out. I need to set up my new gear and give it a field test. So, on Thursday, I will be cooking corned beef hash for whoever is there. Come early on Friday as I am only planning on 10 pounds of shrimp for my gumbo. Still have not decided on what I will make for the Critter Cook Out.

Posted: 2/24/2017
Name: Jim Regan
Message: Hey Doug. Great to "read and remember" those fellows that you were just talkin' about. Brought back many memories for this guy. Looking forward to seein' you all in April. Mike Jaussaud is driving down from Indiana, pickin' me up, and we'll travel/bunk together for CCO and Open House. Last time we did that, the vehicle radio did not play, either way. We just talked and talked. Never ran out of stuff to talk abut. It's wonderful to be around people who have done/shared so many things in life like us Rangers. See ya soon. Jim RLTW/L&P

Posted: 2/24/2017
Name: doug perry
Message: Ron Rice,

Andy is in the Foot Hills Nursing Home. I have been under the weather myself I plan on going to see him soon. Saw T Boggs last week, he is holding his own. I talk to Sweet Earl he is still kicking. Dont't know about Bob Mcmahon. Willard is O K. RLTW

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